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You may feel like life has not allowed you to fulfill all your wishes and ambitions because either there was no time or opportunity.

You have the power to change your course and open the doors necessary to achieve your dreams.

Do not wait on life because the stars will always align to help you, you need to make the first move.


You may have been feeling overwhelmed lately because your family or friends have been demanding your attention at every opportunity.

You have a strong and imposing presence so it will be difficult to avoid them or even subtly hide away.

If you dedicate a few days to give them the attention they need you might find that what they wanted was not as large an ask.

You may even find it rewarding to spend some time with the people who love and admire you.


There are many ways to capture the attention of someone you are interested in.

Make sure though that you are overstepping boundaries or using unnecessary force which could make your approach disruptive rather than inviting.

You have the ability to charm people if you put in the effort.

Be patient and remember to give people some time to come around.


Last month was a whirlwind for your personal life and now you will find yourself in a small period of peace.

While you think this is what you always wanted you will soon find yourself missing the noise and excitement.

You have always thought that isolating yourself and moving on to a more solitary environment will give you a true sense of happiness.

This month you will discover just how important the adventures of life are to you.


Last month you found yourself at the centre of everyone’s attention. While this isn’t out of the ordinary, because you have always commanded people’s attention, you’ll find that this month will be slightly more relaxed and less focused on you.

This will be a good thing and you should embrace the change in focus.

We can only truly appreciate the best times in life when we also have some quiet time to reflect as well.


You are about to embark on a new journey or change in a professional direction.

It is unusual for someone like you to not have a well-executed strategy and plan.

This month will be very reflective and you will find yourself trying to discover what you truly want out of life.

Find mentors to guide you, listen to different ideas and opinions and absorb as much knowledge as you can.


If you look close enough you will always find things to be grateful for in life.

Sometimes the big things easily overshadow the small happy moments you experience.

It is important to remember all the joyous moments you have no matter how small they may be.

You will feel a sense of fulfilment and inner peace when you take a moment to truly appreciate all that is given to you by the universe.


The material world may look especially attractive to you this week.

Be careful not to make rash long term financial decisions based on your emotions this week.

It is important to remain practical and level-headed when your ego is at a high and the desire for luxury is overwhelming.

Try to find the right balance between enjoying the finer things and remaining responsible.


There is something you secretly desire and you will surprise yourself with how you openly reveal this desire more and more.

You might be wondering where this surge of confidence and courage is coming from and you might also be worried about leaving yourself vulnerable after the effects wear off.

While it is always prudent to not get carried away on any emotion, take advantage of this extra courage and make yourself vulnerable to something you have avoided for a while.

Amazing things can happen when you take risks and trust your heart.


This month will be a month of transformation for you.

You have spent the last few years developing a wall around you but slowly you will find yourself opening up the gates to new experiences and emotions.

Growth and change is an important part of life and the next phase of yours is about to begin.

Look forward and embrace change. Good things are to come.


There is something mysterious about the new acquaintance you have encountered recently.

Your intuition is telling you something and it is important for you to listen to it.

Sometimes if strong feelings of conviction overpower our logic your instinct is reacting.

Trust yourself and your ability to sense when there is more than what meets the eye.


Someone has been showing you unexpected kindness and your first reaction is to wonder what their motivations are.

You are used to always giving and others taking that now when you are the one receiving you are having trouble deciding if there are other intentions at play.

This cloud of suspicion is blinding you from seeing a truly special person.

Accept the kindness for what it is and open your heart, you mind find something wonderful destined.

September 8


Sometimes fear sets in when things are going in a positive direction because we don’t want to lose everything we have gained.

Recently you are taking less risks and playing it safe in order to avoid any unexpected failures.

Failures are a part of life and you will only learn and grow from them.

Don’t be afraid to take chances because some chances will lead to wonders.


You are reserved when it comes to your home life and you enjoy spending time in your space.

It is hard for people to convince you to try something new and spontaneous when you are someone who enjoys routine.

Taking risks and opening yourself up to new experiences will only contribute towards your growth as an individual.

Learn how to expose yourself to new ideas and allow other people to introduce new paths to you.


You might be doubting a recent decision you made and it has been worrying you.

Take a quiet moment to evaluate why you are feeling this way. Is there something that truly makes you feel like you made the wrong choice?

Or are you doubting and second guessing out of habit and indecisiveness?

Trust your intuition but make sure you aren’t letting fear mask itself as such.


There are many ways to address an uncomfortable situation but giving up out of frustration is not one of them.

You may think it is easier to just let someone bulldoze you into a situation you are not happy with rather than spend the time and energy to argue back.

The fact of the matter is you must not enable a person’s bad habits and you should never sacrifice your peace and happiness out of defeat.

Do what is best for you and don’t let guilt or frustration prevent you from doing what is right.


The last few months have been a whirlwind for you and now you are entering a period of quiet and rest.

The silence will be deafening for you at first and you might end up feeling empty and lonely.

Life is full of diverse moments and there will always be periods of excitement, joy, sadness, boredom and peace.

Learn to embrace all the moments and try to find wisdom in each experience you encounter.


Family is very important to you but sometimes your loyalties can be tested.

Remember to always stay true to yourself and your beliefs. If there is something you do not support then do not support it simply out of obligation.

If there is something you do support and believe in but others are projecting their opinions on to you, try your best to follow you heart.

You know what is best for you and what will make you truly happy.


You might be holding on to an old and no longer relevant grudge against someone.

The time has come to let go and move forward with your life.

Holding onto resentment will only disturb your peace of mind and continue to prevent you from finding closure.

Let go of old complaints and situations and progress with your life.


There is travel in the immediate future for you and you will encounter some new people.

Take time to try and learn new things and gain new knowledge from them.

New information might be able to open some new doors for you.

Do not underestimate someone by their appearance, they may be a source of great wisdom and opportunity.


After a long wait, something you have been desiring will finally be attained.

The universe brings us the things we want only when the time is right and when it thinks we are ready.

You may have been frustrated by not receiving your desired outcomes earlier but you needed to be ready for it first.

Be thankful that the timing is right and you are finally ready to receive.


You might be tempted to break the rules once in a while but your responsible side always overpowers you.

You always want to take risks and try new things but certain people or responsibilities in your life always hold you back.

Stop worrying about other people and do what your heart desires.

Take chances, try new things and break some of your own self imposed rules. Wonderful things might result.


There is a lot on your mind recently and the stress may be affecting your health in a negative way.

This week you should meditate and try to relax as much as possible.

Disconnect from mediums that might prevent you from relaxing.

Try to create a quiet environment for yourself. With some peace your thoughts will automatically find their path towards clarity.


The line between good and bad is not always so clear and can be blurred often.

You always like to look for the best in people but sometimes this has backfired into situations where you are being taken advantage of.

Recently though someone has entered your life who sounds too good to be true.

Their kindness might be throwing you off guard but you can rest assured they are on the good side of the line.

September 15


Be careful of placing your trust in someone who has done nothing to deserve it.

You might be desperate to find someone you can depend upon but don’t let that desperation lead you to hastily choose the wrong person.

All good things come with time and the right person and confidant will enter your life eventually.

Don’t rush the cycle of the universe and let things happen naturally.


There are many people vying for your attention this week and you are basking in the special feeling.

Be careful because while you are preoccupied by the superficial attention of others you are overlooking people who are humble and reserved and powerful assets to your business.

Do not let your ego overpower your ability to recognize truly valuable people.

Superficial attention is fleeting and meaningless, those who truly care don’t feel the need to show it in grandeur ways.


You might have taken on more responsibilities than you can manage.

The weight of these obligations may now be stressing you out and causing emotional turmoil.

Do not let your pride get in the way of asking for help or even admitting you took on more than what you can handle.

Help is always available to you as long as you seek it out.


You will be hit with a strong urge to break away this week. The time has come for you to take control of your life and move away from old responsibilities.

You have done more than enough for others and now is the time to think about yourself.

Do not second guess your decisions and move forward with confidence.

Those close to you might guilt you into changing your mind but it is important for you to stay firm and fight for your personal growth.


It is time to find healthier options in dealing with your emotions.

You are a fiery person and your anger can often get the best of you and blind you from seeing other perspectives in a situation.

You also tend you hide your true emotions and only reveal them to a select few.

Now is the time to speak your mind and address all that is bothering you. You have to be honest with yourself and with others around you.


This week you will have the opportunity to align yourself with people who have much to teach you and who care for you deeply.

It is important to retain a disciplined approach while you are learning and not let comfort or complacency with your teacher overpower your attention and focus.

Just because this is someone you are familiar with doesn’t mean you can drop your usually attentive attitude.

There is a great wealth of knowledge for you to tap into so don’t let this opportunity go to waste.


You are in danger of making some rash decisions this week and communication is important to prevent mistakes from being made.

Be careful not to say words you will not be able to take back.

If someone or something is bothering you try not to react immediately without thought or consideration.

Do your best to think before speaking and you won’t make a decision you will regret.


You have a magnetic personality and this week many will be vying for your attention and affection.

You are someone who is fickle with your feelings though so you might make the mistake of telling someone they are unworthy.

Ego is a dangerous thing because it could lead you to lose more than you can gain.

Be thankful for the love you are receiving and try to be generous enough to return it.


You have been trying to catch someone’s attention for a while.

You have been making great efforts but sometimes it feels like it is all for nothing. This person seems to be indifferent to your efforts and kindness.

That is not the case. Do not let appearances fool you because you are very hard to ignore and if it seems you are unnoticed it is because that person is too intimidated to reveal their interest.


Any recent projects you may be working on will produce great results very soon.

Don’t lose the momentum you have been building for the past few months.

You have lots of responsibilities but you need to persevere forward with this project.

You are almost at the finish line for the first stage of your venture. Keep going.


Sometimes it is important to stop thinking with your head and start listening to your heart.

It is important to review the practical side of every situation but sometimes compassion and kindness are the solutions that practicality can’t comprehend.

You will have nothing to lose by spreading more kindness in the world.

As long as it doesn’t hurt you in any way, try to let your heart dictate your next steps.


Do you have unrealistic expectations about a certain role you want filled in your life?

You have been waiting a long time for a special someone to enter your life but your unrealistic expectations of what is perfect might actually be preventing you from recognizing someone who is truly perfect for you.

Do not worry so much about what others might think or say.

Listen to your intuition and you will find a truly special companion in your journey.

September 22


There is growth and change coming your way this week.

You are fiercely independent and have strong convictions and beliefs.

When you see yourself questioning some of these beliefs do not be alarmed.

Change is an important part of your journey and sometimes for the best.


Have you broken a promise or deal you made recently with someone?

Be careful because while you might think it is not a big deal it has actually greatly affected your standing with the person who you promised to.

This person used to hold great respect and affection for you but your failure to keep your word has made them change their opinion of you.

There is still time to fix your mistakes. If you do it soon enough you will also avoid detrimental consequences to your actions.


Every failure or defeat is just an opportunity to take a different path where you might encounter different victories.

You might have recently suffered a defeat that has left you heartbroken.

Do not dwell on your loss too much as a greater victory is always on the horizon.

Have faith in yourself and your ability to persevere and achieve all that you desire.


You will finally obtain an opportunity for a situation you have trying to facilitate for a very long time.

Move forward with confidence because you are also going to encounter distractions and those who will try to stray you from your path.

Stay true to your convictions and don’t get easily influenced by temporary arguments.

Remember this is something you have wanted for a while and you deserve it.


There is a family member who needs you but is unable to communicate that to you.

You are someone they have always confided in but recently you have been distant so they find it hard to come to you during their hour of need.

Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and make sure they are ok.

Even though a simple phone call might seem like a small gesture it can make a great difference.


You might be torn between two sides of a situation and you feel like your loyalty should only lie with one.

There is no need for you to choose between things or people you love.

You are clever and resourceful and this is exactly the kind of situation where your natural abilities will come in handy.

Find a resolution to the conflict that will appease both parties and prevent you from taking sides.


You will feel a great ambitious energy overtake all your personal and professional projects.

You are not sure where this extra boost of energy came from but take advantage of it.

Your energy will also have the ability to inspire others around you.

It is a great opportunity to take leadership over a pending goal.


You may have moved away from home recently and the decision to do so has been lingering in your mind.

What is making you second guess your actions?

Is there someone or something you feel you left behind?

Locations may change but relationships and feelings don’t change with it. Try to find ways to incorporate what you left behind in your new environment.


Are you too busy trying to do right by others that your are failing to do right by yourself?

You have a kind and generous heart but this is often misused and overlooked by those you love and this often leads you towards heartbreak.

You are someone who loves very deeply and feels just as deeply hurt if the love is not reciprocated.

It is time to start thinking of yourself more and not to let guilt prevent you from doing what is right for you.


Curiosity and a need for adventure will overwhelm you this week.

You are going to feel restless and bored in your normal environment.

Try to reach out to a friend to come along with you to travel to a new location or experience a new activity. There is much to see and do, so go out and explore.


There is someone you love deeply but you also tend to fight with this person often.

There will always be differences in opinions and there are also healthy ways to accept and move along from this.

Fighting will eventually leave you and your loved one feel very drained.

Make an effort to find some middle ground and politely agree to disagree.


You often get defensive and easily annoyed when your family confronts you about a certain situation.

Take time this week to explore your feelings and think about why you have such a strong reaction to the mention of the situation.

You might discover subconscious fears you didn’t know you had.

This is the time to recognize them and try to overcome them.

September 29


It is time to expand your horizons and move towards a new experience or location.

You have gotten comfortable in your current situation and it might be preventing you from taking chances and trying new things.

This week, step out of your comfort zone and try something you wouldn’t normally try.

You might find a new hobby or interest along the way which could lead to an even bigger discovery about yourself.


You are someone who is considerate of others but you also tend to prioritize yourself and your needs over the needs of others.

The problem is that you are often surrounded by people who mask your behavior through admiration and praise.

Everyone is constantly growing and you have an opportunity to be proactive about your growth towards being a better person.

Look inward, reflect on your actions and see if there are ways to improve.


You might be overwhelmed with responsibilities lately and all you want to do is give up.

Have you reached out for help? You might be making things more difficult than they need to be.

Try and prioritize what needs your attention the most right now and enlist in the help of others to address anything you are unable to do yourself.


You may have recently parted with someone you care deeply about and have been hiding your feelings about it from others and from yourself.

It is ok to be vulnerable and express your unhappiness with the situation.

Someone close to you might also be feeling the same way.

Try sharing your emotions and you might find solace in the fact that you are not alone.


Has someone done a lot for you recently but you have been too busy to acknowledge their efforts?

This week is a good week to express your gratitude and show just how much of a positive effect this person had on your life.

Just because someone gives doesn’t mean they need you to give back.

Kind words of appreciation will be enough to show you care.


There is an adventure waiting for you if you are brave enough to take chances and jump out of your comfort zone.

You do not have to follow or conform to what others believe to be the correct way to do things.

Your path is your own and no one should be setting it for you.

Stay confident in your beliefs and yourself. You are more than capable of taking on this journey.


Someone new may have entered your life recently and just as quickly they may have also disappeared.

This has left you feeling bewildered at why the situation turned out the way it did.

People, things, and situations all have a place at different stages of our life.

What is meant to stay will stay and what is meant to go will go.


Someone is thinking of you this week and this person is remembering the wonderful memories you shared.

You might have totally forgotten this person because you are too busy in your life and new experiences.

Try to remember the good times you have had and the roles people have played in creating your fondest memories.

Reach out to those you haven’t spoken to in a while.


You have been afraid to be vulnerable and open up your heart to people.

Throughout life you have encountered so many disappointments that slowly without you started to build a wall around your true emotions.

This wall might be preventing someone truly wonderful from entering your life.

Take a risk, take another chance. You might be pleasantly surprised at the result.


You are someone who hides their pain well and often pretends nothing bothers them.

While you think you might be fooling people, many can often recognize that behind your smile there is struggle.

Practice being more open with your emotions this week.

There is nothing wrong with showing your weaknesses to those who love you.


A new teacher will soon enter your life and the wisdom they bestow will influence you greatly.

Make sure you aren’t so caught up in the excitement of new ideas that you fail to hold on to your own opinions.

Knowledge is meant to enhance your perspectives and you don’t need to erase your beliefs just to accomodate someone else’s.


You might feel neglected by your loved ones this week and lash out at them in anger.

Do not doubt their love for you because they haven’t been able to give you their undivided attention.

You are a strong and powerful individual and sometimes it is hard for the people who care about you to recognize when you are struggling.

If you express you need help you will definitely receive it from the ones who love you