Raksha Bandhan Horoscope: Of the many festivals that are observed in India, Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one that is a favourite among many, as it celebrates the special bond that brothers share with their sisters. The day is marked on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar in the month of Shravan or Sawan and it typically falls in August, and this year Raksha Bandhan is being observed on August 22. Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares if the stars are in your favour today or not and tips for choosing the right coloured Rakhis, to make your brother-sister bond stronger.Also Read - Horoscope Today, September 17, Friday: Cancer, Libra And Pisces Will Continue to Perform Well on Professional Front

Aries: Aries sign people need to be careful about their present situation both at home and at the office. If they want peace of mind then they should try to spend maximum time with their children. Also Read - Horoscope Today, September 16, Thursday: Gemini May Face Financial Crises, Luck Will be in Leo's Court

Mars is the lord of people belonging to the Aries zodiac sign. Sisters having Aries brothers should tie a red coloured rakhi on their wrist. Tying a red rakhi would make the day auspicious for both. Also Read - Horoscope Today, September 15, Wednesday: Luck Will be in Favour of Taurus, Gemini And Capricorn

Taurus: Taurus sign people will not be very satisfied with the situation in their house. Their parents may have health problems that will hamper their work. They may also have to go to the doctor.

The lord of Taurus is Venus, and those having brothers belonging to this zodiac sign should tie a blue rakhi on their wrist. The colour blue would be lucky for both and they might expect some positive developments in life.

Gemini: Gemini people who are studying can do well in their internal exams. Some reading for the most part of the day will help them develop a new approach to solving problems.

Mercury is considered to be the lord of people belonging to this zodiac sign. Girls with Gemini brothers should buy for them a green rakhi. Tying the green piece of thread this Raksha Bandhan would make the bond between siblings stronger than ever.

Cancer: Cancer sign people will experience a romantic day with their spouse. Some people of this sign will feel a sense of happiness and confidence from within.

One of the calmest zodiac signs, Moon is the lord of Cancer people. For those with brothers belonging to this zodiac sign, the best way to celebrate the festival is tying a white rakhi. This would result in peace.

Leo: Leo sign people will find their work stalled due to their own carelessness. Some of these people may have additional responsibilities but they need to settle things before they step in.

Among the most vibrant people, all Leo brothers are extremely caring about their siblings. Sisters should look for a yellow or red Rakhi, as it is bound to make their relationship more loving and caring than ever.

Libra: Libra sign people will see an increase in unnecessary expenses. These people should not trust anyone in matters related to money or property. There is a possibility of being cheated.

Another zodiac sign with Sun as its lord, people belonging to it would spend a happy day with all their family members. It would be a good idea to tie a blue or white Rakhi if the brother is a Libran.

Virgo: Virgo sign people will earn well but will also spend a lot at the same time. Those facing health problems for several days are likely to recover.

The lord of people belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign is Mercury, which is closest to the Sun. It is some shade that brothers belonging to this zodiac sign need today and so the sisters should tie dark green rakhi.

Scorpio: Scorpio sign people will be very confused and may vent their anger by shouting at children. People suffering from a condition like a migraine need to take proper rest throughout the day.

The most auspicious thing for sisters to do this Raksha Bandhan is tie a pink Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. Instead of a materialistic gift, it would be a better idea for Scorpio brothers to plan a vacation with sister, brother and parents.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius sign people may get a new job offer that matches their skills and expectations. They need to have a positive attitude and not be afraid to take risks.

Jupiter is the lord of the Sagittarians, they would remain thoughtful today as well. These people have been worried about their expenses, but their sisters can provide them with some help by tying a yellow Rakhi.

Capricorn: Capricorn sign people will get money from a relative today. His prosperous life will increase his prestige in society, but he should not let it dominate his mind.

People belonging to this zodiac sign are governed by Saturn, so all they think about is work whether it’s a festival or no festival. Getting a blue Rakhi tied by their sisters would be very beneficial for these people.

Aquarius: If Aquarius sign people want success in life, then they should listen to the advice of senior family members. With the help of a colleague, many obstacles will be removed at the workplace.

Saturn is the lord of people belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign as well. They might not spend hours spending the festival but they would be really concerned about their siblings today. A dark green Rakhi is the best option.

Pisces: The people of Pisces zodiac will be very happy with the support received from their spouse today. The similarity in their behavior and preferences will further strengthen their bond.

Sisters should tie a yellow Rakhi on the wrist of brothers who are Pisces. Doing so would ensure that the brothers are gifted with a peaceful, healthy and long life.