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Numerology Prediction: Saturn Impact as Per Your Birthdate | Know How Shani Will Change Your Life in The Coming Days

Dr Madhu Kotiya shares how the Saturn Transit will affect your birthdate. Read on to find out how Shani will change your life in the coming days,

Published: April 25, 2022 10:49 AM IST

By Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Anjali Thakur

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numerology ankjyotish 2022

Saturn is usually considered one of the most vicious planets among the nine others. There are two transits of Saturn in 2022, the first one is on April 29, 2022. Let us see how this transit affects numerology wise.

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Number 1

With this transit, Saturn will make you focus totally on your career and professional world. Students will place extra effort to improve their concentration. Those who are stuck into some instability in their career can relax a bit as the transit would be favourable. However, as the phase moves ahead, you may get into trouble with seniors and co-workers at the workplace.

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Number 2

This transit will bring a strong inclination towards higher studies and education. With a focus on new learnings, you will also take interest in grasping knowledge about philosophy and religions. Regardless of its many positive effects of it, your efforts will be prolonged. Saturn would assess your patience, hence, ensuring you do not lose on your efforts, and keep moving ahead patiently. In terms of love and relationship, you might go through a little bit of a tough time.

Number 3

Due to the transit of Saturn, your ideas will vary due to some unexpected circumstances. Be it a love relationship or connection with someone in the family, Number 3 people would love staying in a corner instead of having a word or expressing their thoughts. Therefore, you should concentrate on this gap by improving your efforts and continuing to work further to reach your goals. On the money front, you may have to deal with some personal expenses. So, you need to manage your money.

Number 4

Saturn’s transit may cause some tough conditions in relationships for number 4 people, and this may cause you to pay attention to your relationship and marriage. The same condition is to business and partnerships too. You might have ego conflicts with your partners regularly. It would be on you that you may either keep your ego or save your relationships from any adversities. As per Saturn’s yearly transit 2022, people who are employed might be unable to function efficiently due to some limitations.

Number 5

Saturn’s transit strongly indicates improvement in marriage. For employers and people in professional jobs, the Saturn transit 2022 phase could be a difficult time. To maintain your job and future growth opportunities, you must brush up on skills, be knowledgeable, and take on greater responsibilities. Even the business people might confront intense competition, which shall push them to develop powerful strategies. During this time, you should also be careful of your finances. There are possibilities that it might carry away, or you may make some silly decisions about expenses.

Number 6

This transit will bring optimal progress to those working in manufacturing or in-service-providing fields. However, local business owners would have to create a solid strategy for increasing sales. Job holders will be pleased with the possibility of future growth. There are chances of mediocre performance to disappoint you. You should avoid toxic friendships as well as undesirable behaviours. In terms of health, it is not a favourable period for Number 6 people. Therefore, take extra precautions.

Number 7

This time will be beneficial to individuals who wish to put out their maximum efforts. Here, your dedication shall come to test. Businesspeople must continue to work hard and wait calmly for their opportunity. Job seekers must try to improve their efficiency to keep their jobs and positions secure. However, for those looking for a new workplace or planning a job change, Saturn’s momentum would be on your side. On the personal front, family members may become unhappy for no visible cause.

Number 8

This transit would be ordinary for your financial journey. So, do not be shy about saying “No” to people who ask you for financial help. Money shortages could also be caused by theft. If you carefully arrange your investments, you could also look for better options in managing your financial situation. Business natives will have a profitable time in 2022. Now appears to be a good time to invest in development or sales. Career-oriented persons must remain pulsed on their jobs and strive to enhance their production field to enhance their efficiency. To be worthwhile, all your innovative forces must collaborate. Health-wise, there would be no serious health complications.

Number 9

In terms of finances, this transit would be unhealthy and bad. Therefore, refrain from lending anyone money or providing credits to someone. You will be overburdened by unplanned and unneedful expenses. As far as career is concerned, Number 9 natives can expect multiple outcomes in their careers. If you keep your diligent attitude and devotion to the norms and regulations, you shall pass through the tough time effortlessly. On the academic front, fortune will not be on your side, and your outcomes will miss the mark of your expectations like lack of intensity, distraction, and diligence.

About Dr Madhu Kotiya: A renowned tarot mentor, numerologist, Vastu expert, a spiritual and a psychic healer. She is also a channel to Arch angles and ascended masters. She has devoted her life to the mystic world of tarot since 1998 and laid the foundation of the MShezaim Institute of Tarot and Divination in 2002 to promote the study of tarot and divination. Over the years, she has provided her services and helped many people through her psychic ability and healing powers. She has worked on several areas that include depression, addictions, fears and phobias, emotional traumas, concentration issues and relationship problems.

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Published Date: April 25, 2022 10:49 AM IST