Vastu Dosha: In Indian culture, it is believed that if we are facing problems related to Vastu doshas, then we have to cure it with the help of some tips or to make changes in our life. Animals also reduce the effect of vastu doshas by eradicating the negative vibes around us. They deflect any trouble that may come our way or may affect us in the future. However, it is our responsibility to ensure their well-being. The core believers of astrology and faith recommend animal feeding as they spread love and remove bad luck. There are different animals whom you can feed and as per the dosha, one can feed different animals such as dogs, cows, birds and cats.Also Read - Horoscope Today, September 26, Monday: Taurus Should Invest in Business Wisely, Cancer Will Benefit From a Job Change


  1. Dog- It is believed that dogs can be your lucky charm in terms of astrology as they can help you get rid of Vastu Dosha. A person who is suffering from planets such as, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, needs to give love to the dogs be they street dogs or pet dogs. As dogs love being loved and they return the same amount of love back, this will help you definitely get saved from the malefic effect of Saturn.
  2. Cat- By feeding cats, you can decrease the effect of Vastu and get positivity in the southeast direction. As we all know that a cat is the symbol of the goddess Laxmi Mata, and it will also help to improve the financial condition of an individual. However, by giving happiness to the cats, there is a saying that female family members will always be wealthy. Somehow, if you have problems with the southwest direction then you should definitely feed the black cats. It can be noticed that if the cat crossed your path then you should avoid using the same path for protection from Shani.
  3. Cow- The cow can be described as the mother of all animals. Basically, by worshiping cows, the bad effects of the northwest direction reduce and it brings positivity. Because the cow is the only animal that can decrease the negative energy and generate a positive effect, you should feed them too. In addition to that, if you are worshiping and feeding the black cows, then this will bring positivity from the west side.
  4. Elephant- The elephant is considered the smartest creature. They have larger brains than other animals. By providing food to an elephant, your problems regarding the Vastu Dosha from the southwest direction will get reduced. However, an elephant is the only animal that is connected to the planet Jupiter.
  5. Horse– If you are facing difficulties from the east and west directions then you have to take care of a black horse. On the other hand, if the problems are coming from the northeast and south direction, then the red horse will help you in this situation to overcome the obstacles in your life.
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