Vastu Tips For Home: An Indian Vedic system, Vastu shastra ensures the physical, psychological, and spiritual order of the environment. If you are experiencing negativity in your house and wish to keep it at bay, then these Vastu purifying rituals will help you remove negativity and welcome positive energies into your house.Also Read - Vastu Tips to Attract Money: Follow These Easy Steps if Your Money Doesn't Last Even After Working Hard

Amruta Amberkar, numerologist, Vastu consultant, and spiritual healing practitioner shares 7 simple ways to purify your house.  Also Read - Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Important Vastu Rules to Follow While Placing Your Ganesha | Watch Video

  1. Use of salt: Spray raw salt mixed with water in the house which is useful in preventing many diseases and alleviating negative energy.
  2. Use of air: Morning or at noon keep open all windows for some time to admit fresh air and so fresh energy.
  3. Use of sunlight: Open windows, doors, and drawn curtains in the morning or at noon will admit sunlight directly inside the house. Sun is the primary source of energy for life on the earth.
  4. Use of sound: According to Vastu bells, Vedic mantra etc. are used for purification of the environment through sound. Wind chimes at proper places prevent the accumulation of negative energy. Music is very effective in releasing mental stress and curing of diseases.
  5. Use of light: Oil lamps remove negativity from life while ghee lamps bring positivity.
  6. Use of fragrance: Fragrance of medical and herbal plants alone is used when a ritual of environmental purification is performed according to vastu.
  7. Incense sticks: Energy and good luck can be attracted into homes by lighting this. It purifies the environment by mixing with surrounding energy. Purification by incense at the entrance is very effective. Lit incense must be moved around the house vertically in a clockwise direction in all nooks and corner and all over the doors and windows. More purification time must be taken where a patient was there. Incense should never be extinguished deliberately; but should be allowed to burn off.

(About Amruta Amberkar: Numerologist, Vastu Consultant & Spiritual Healing Practitioner- Working with Vastu science and Healing modalities for last 9 years and feeling blessed to be working with this ancient science and helping many lives. Started my career with Tarot Reading and through the magic of Tarot I got call from my higher self to learn Vastu and bring wonderful solutions through balancing elements of energy around us.) Also Read - Vastu Tips: In Which Direction You Should Place God's Idol in Your House?