Vastu Tips: Thinking which is the best direction for the pooja room or where to place the god you worship, according to Vastu? We’ve got you covered. Dr. Aarti Dahiya, astrologer, Vastu expert shares tips on which is the best direction to place the god’s idol.Also Read - Vastu Tips to Attract Money: Follow These Easy Steps if Your Money Doesn't Last Even After Working Hard

As a Vastu Expert, Dr. Aarti Dahiya explains some Vastu Direction regarding God and she articulates some instructions that in which direction the pictures or statues should keep or hang up to get their blessings. The pictures or statues of God and Goddess effects occur according to the enrichment of planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Moon. Also Read - 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Loyal And 'Made For Each Other'

  • Lord Ganesha’s picture gives the best results in North Direction, Goddess Durga in North-East Direction, and Lord Buddha in Noth Direction. The impact of Mercury is increased by Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, and Lord Buddha. The Mercury planet is very fortunate which helps to progress education and business.
  • Lord Vishnu Laxmi’s photo should be framed and hung up in North-East and Sai Baba’s photo should be hung up in North-West Direction. The Gods Vishnu and Sai Baba increase the power of Jupiter which advances finances and wisdom.
  • The photo of Hanuman Ji should keep in the South-East which enhance the supremacy of Mars which facilitates augment strength and increase happiness
  • God and Goddess Radha Krishna should keep in North-East which enhance the power of Moon and Venus which develop liquidity and calmness
  • God and Goddess Shiva Parvati’s statue or photo should keep in North-East Direction. It raises the power of the Moon which extends liquidity

As per Dr. Dahiya ‘’Life is not complete without problems but if we have the way out of this problem by God and Goddess, there is no harm to keep their statues or photos in your house and to do Puja of them and to do prostrate with folded hands before going out or going to do any good work. You will get blessings of God and Goddess. If someone says it is backdated then that individual is wrong. It will not mess up your designed house or bungalow.” Also Read - Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Important Vastu Rules to Follow While Placing Your Ganesha | Watch Video

(Dr Aarti Dahiya has chosen her path to grow her career before 13 years as an Astrologer, Vastu Expert, Psychic Healer, Western Astrology, Mental Health Advisor, and many more.)