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Best SARMs For Muscle Growth: SARMs For Bulking Strength

There’s no point in using SARMs for growing muscle tone and size unless you build your strength and endurance first.

Published: November 21, 2022 9:41 PM IST

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Best SARMs For Muscle Growth: SARMs For Bulking Strength

The main reason guys want to use SARMs is to bulk up. So in this quick guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the best SARMs for muscle growth. But more than that, I’m going to talk about how you can prep for that bulking cycle. That means using the best SARMs for strength first so that you can actually build the muscle when you bulk.

There’s no point in using SARMs for growing muscle tone and size unless you build your strength and endurance first. So I’m going to cover everything you need to know right here to do just that:

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SARMs Explained: Androgenic SARMs & Research Chemicals That Support Them

When it comes to bulking using SARMs, it’s mainly the androgenic ones that do the heavy lifting by telling your androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue to develop more quickly. However, that’s not the whole story with SARMs. Not all of the chemicals lumped in with SARMs for marketing purposes are actually androgenic at all.

That’s important to understand, because they have different effects, and non-androgenic SARM-supporting chemicals won’t deplete your natural testosterone supply.

These are the androgenic SARMs that will affect testosterone:

  • Andarine
  • Ostarine (at high doses are 50 mg or more)
  • Ligandrol
  • Testolone
  • S-23

I will also mention YK-11. It’s not an androgenic chemical because it works in the body as a myostatin inhibitor.

However, it is closely matched to an anabolic steroid in its chemical structure. Some people claim it’s not anabolic, but that’s nonsense. You will suffer testosterone drop if you use it.

MK-677 is another worth mentioning, it’s a bulking agent that’s sold with SARMs, but isn’t one. It works as a growth hormone secretagogue, which produces more IGF-1 and HGH, both of which are androgens crucial to muscle development. Therefore, it is not highly anabolic, but it will slightly lower testosterone levels.

Benefits Of Using SARMs For Bulking & Strength

When it comes to using SARMs for bulking and strength, the benefits may seem obvious, but there are more than you think:

  • SARMs can improve your mood and determination
  • Strength and endurance will grow
  • Feeling of positivity
  • Your power through workouts like never before
  • Core strength will improve dramatically
  • Muscle size and density will increase significantly

The Difference Between Using SARMs For Strength And Using Them For Bulking

And it’s not just about the androgenic SARMs. The SARMs which can energize you, like Cardarine and Stenabolic, can underpin SARMs for bulking, as part of a growth stack.

I’ve already told you about the androgenic SARMs, and how they mimic testosterone. Using SARMs isn’t just about that, and there are other research chemicals you can use alongside them to maximize your returns without always hammering your testosterone levels.

There are some really good research chemicals, classed as SARMs, which are not androgenic:

  • MK-677 Ibutamoren (good for bulking)
  • GW-501516/0742 Cardarine (excellent for energy)
  • SR-9009/9011 Stenabolic (excellent for energy)

So it’s perfectly possible to bulk up and strengthen without androgenic SARMs at all, but these are best used alongside androgenic SARMs to maximize the speed of your gains.

Top 3 Best SARMs For Muscle Growth

If you’re looking for pure aggressive muscle growth, then these are the top three Best SARMs for muscle growth you can use:

RAD-140 Testolone

An aggressive muscle building SARM, it’s highly androgenic. It will build big muscle gains in a short space of time. They won’t be dry and hard in the beginning, and using Testolone can mean you carry water weight in the short term, but the bulk you put on will be incredible.


For me, this is the most potent androgenic SARM. It is highly anabolic and will deplete your testosterone significantly. But the muscles it builds are the largest and hardest you will find. It’s basically Andarine pumped up a level. But it is very suppressive and you will need Nolvadex or propbably clomid to bounce your T levels back.


People will tell you this is not androgenic; that it’s not a true SARM. It’s actually closer to an anabolic steroid in its construction, but it is targeted more to muscle and bone tissue. It is going to deplete your testosterone levels, but not as aggressively as RAD-140 or S-23.

Honorable mentions go to Ligandrol and Andarine, as well as the non-androgenic MK-677.

It’s pretty much impossible to get Ligandrol anymore because of legal action against companies using the formula, but Andarine at higher doses will give you similar muscle gains, while MK-677 is a completely non-androgenic muscle builder you can swap in as well.

Top 3 Best SARMs For Strength

All of the muscle-building SARMs will also build your strength because they develop the muscles. However, it’s also about how you use them.

When you stack the SARMs, you need to make sure that you focus as much on energy levels as you do bulk. It’s about increasing your endurance rather than building muscle, to give you a good base.

These are the best SARMs for strength when stacked:

GW-501516 Cardarine

An incredible endurance booster, it will allow you to build up your endurance and performance over several weeks. You will be able to push yourself harder, further, and faster. This will build your strength ready to then do the bulking stack that will pile on the muscle above the frame you have created.


This works in a different way to Cardarine, but it has the same effect: it fools the body into a higher level of energy output. Stacked with Cardarine, or used instead of it, it can help you to build your endurance and strength.


This was an incredible androgenic SARM that build strength as well as big muscle tone. However, it’s impossible to get now. Andarine is a good alternative, or you could try AC-262 which produces very similar levels of anabolic activity.

Best SARMs Bulking/Growth Stack

If you want to just pile on the huge muscle that also dries hard, then this is the bulking stack I would recommend you use.

It uses a combo of androgenic and non-androgenic SARMs to maximize your gains while also keeping the testosterone drop manageable.

  • 20 mg YK-11
  • 10 mg S-23
  • 30 mg Andarine
  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 8 week cycle
  • At least an eight week gap between cycles
  • Nolvadex at high dose or Clomid required

This puts together the two best SARMs for muscle growth, YK-11 and S-23 to build incredible levels of bulk. It also uses Andarine to create a leaner, drier and harder muscle tone as well. This will take time to show through, but it’s worth adding.

Underpinning it all is Cardarine to give you the energy to really push yourself to get the most out of this short but potent cycle.

Just make sure you use Nolvadex at a high dose, 75 mg or higher, or maybe even 75 mg of Clomid for a couple of weeks, because this is going to suppress the hell out of you within about three weeks.

This is not a beginner stack. Tone down the doses a little if it is your first time because that is a really aggressive muscle-building SARMs stack.

The second SARMs for bulking stack, which has a different combo of androgenic and non-androgenic SARMs is:

  • 10 mg YK-11
  • 10 mg MK-677
  • 20 mg RAD-140
  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 8 week SARMs cycle
  • Long break to recover testosterone levels
  • Nolvadex at 50 mg or above required

This is a different variation on the bulking stack, but it will be suppressive to testosterone. This is all about bulk though. There’s no Andarine to harden the tone, and you will carry water weight during and after the cycle.

But no other stack is going to get close to the sheer bulk you will put on if you work out hard. Just make sure you do a strength stack before, so that your frame can handle the load, and lower your doses by a few milligrams each the first time you do it.

Best SARMs Strength Stack

When it comes to the best SARMs strength stack, we are looking at developing endurance so that you can then bulk up on a better frame and do it faster.

This is the SARMs stack I would recommend you use:

  • 20 mg Cardarine
  • 10 mg SR-9009
  • 30 mg Andarine
  • 10 week cycle
  • 6 week gap at least between cycles
  • PCT supplement required

The Andarine will build and harden your muscle tone, while also protecting you if you slip into a calorie deficit by working out so hard to build your endurance and strength.

The Cardarine and Stenabolic will give you huge amounts of energy through two different mechanisms. The result will be the ability to push yourself harder and longer, to build the endurance and stamina you need to grow your strength dramatically.

I would really advise you to do SARMs strength stack before you use the best SARMs for muscle growth in a stack.

If you don’t build the strength and endurance to push on through then you won’t stress the muscles enough. And, the growth can be so aggressive that the underlying frame can’t cope, and you will get ligament damage. Strength and then building muscle is the way to go.

SARMs Before And After: What Can You Trust?

I want to give you a SARMs before and after warning now. If you want to find the best SARMs muscle growth, then that’s fine, but don’t go by the photos and descriptions you see.

With photos and claims, you just don’t know how relevant they are. Are they even SARMs use? Over how long? What else have they taken?

My advice to you is the same as I found myself. If you want to use SARMs for bulking, then forget before and after stuff.

Set up a good diet and an exercise regime, get everything ready, and then do a strength stack. Follow up with a bulking stack, and work really hard. Six months down the line, you will have worked out if SARMs really do produce the results you hoped for.

Where To Buy High-Purity SARMs Right Now

One of the big problems with SARMs right now is supplies have dried up dramatically for the following reasons:

  • Regulatory pressures in the USA
  • Chinese SARMs manufacture and export Ban
  • Russian invasion of Ukraine shutting labs in both countries
  • Inflation and lack of supply shutting retailers
  • High global shipping prices make stocking SARMs untenable

Thankfully though, there are a couple of good places out there still where you can buy the best SARMs for muscle growth, strength, and simply creating huge bulk. High quality, high purity, and still available at incredibly good prices considering the global problems right now.

Swiss Chems

These guys sell really good quality SARMs capsules. Prices are only about 10% higher than liquid, meaning you get incredible convenience and exact dosing for a very little premium.

They are also the only place I know that sells convenient capsules of PCT supplements and generic formats as well. Nolvadex (Tamoxifen), Clomid (clomiphene), raloxifene, and 11 others are all in stock at good prices.

In terms of SARMs from muscle growth, right now, as an example, Swiss Chems are selling 60 capsules of RAD-140 (dosing 10 mg each) for just $89.95. Click here to visit SwissChem’s webshop.


If you prefer liquid SARMs, then Chemyo is the best value and highest purity SARMs seller you will find in the USA now.

Most SARMs sellers will give you 30 mL dropper bottles of SARMs liquid. But for around the same price, and at the same density of dose, these guys will sell you 50 mL dropper bottles. You’re getting 30% more SARMs for your money. It is a unique offer.

The prices are really good. In terms of SARMs for strength, that essential Cardarine to underpin your stacks and promote the energy you need, is really well priced. Right now, 50 mL of Cardarine, dosed at 10 mg/mL, retails at just $59.95. Click here to visit Chemyo’s webshop.

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Published Date: November 21, 2022 9:41 PM IST