Amid high expectation, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tabled Narendra Modi-led NDA-government’s first full Budget 2015-16 in Parliament. While increase in service tax rate to 14 per cent would make a whole lot of things more expensive, Jaitley spared the common man from price hikes on many commonly used day-to-day items by keeping the duties unchanged. Reduction in excise duty on leather foots resulting leather items 2-3% cheaper. (Read: LIVE Union Budget 2015-16 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley News Updates: FM ends the speech with a Sanskrit shloka)

Following is a list of what will be cheaper:

1- Leather footwear priced above Rs 1,000 per pair

2- Locally made mobile phones, LED/LCD panels, LED lights and LED Lamps

3- Solar Water heater

4- Pacemakers, ambulance and ambulance services

5- Computer tablets

6- Agarbattis

7- Microwave ovens

8- Refrigerator compressors

9- Peanut butter

10- Packaged fruits and vegetables

11- Visit to museum, zoo and national park

The Union Budget 2015-16 presented by Arun Jaitely was praised by people on social media and mainstream media. However, the Opposition has dubbed the budget as pro-Corporate and anti-common people. On the other hand, Jaitely got a thumbs up from Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he hailed the Budget 2015 as ‘progressive, positive, practical, pragmatic and prudent’.