Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented Narendra Modi government’s first full year Budget 2015-16 in Parliament. Jaitley increased service tax rate to 14 per cent making a whole lot of things more expensive. However the finance minister spared the common man from price hikes on many commonly used day-to-day items by keeping the duties unchanged. As usual smoking and consumption of other tobacco became more expensive. On the increase of Service Tax, Jaitley said, “To facilitate a smooth transition to levy of tax on services by both the Centre and the States, it is proposed to increase the present rate of service tax plus education cesses from 12.36 per cent to a consolidated rate of 14 per cent.” (Read: LIVE Union Budget 2015-16 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley News Updates: FM ends the speech with a Sanskrit shloka)

Following is a list of what will be costlier:

1- Cigarettes and other tobacco products

2- Completely built imported commercial vehicles

3- Cement

4- Aerated, flavoured drinks and packaged water

5- Plastic bags and sacks

6- Business and executive class air travel

7- Visit to amusement and theme park

8- Music concerts

9- Liquor, chit fund and lottery

10- Eating out at restaurants

11- Staying in hotels, air travel

12- Cable and DTH services

13- Visiting beauty parlours

14- Courier service

15- Credit and debit card related services

16- Dry cleaning of clothes

17- Stock broking

While Prime Minister narendra Modi congratulated Arun Jaitley and described the budget as “progressive” and “pragmatic”, the Congress called it ‘jugglery of words’. Considering the fact that basic things for the young generation like cigarettes, flaoured drinks, mobile phone and food at restaurants will become expensive, the Budget 2015-16 is not for them.