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I expect Budget for a structured sports education program in government schools (on the lines of the ICT budgets for government schools). Portion of the health budget allocated to improving opportunities for children & adults to play – through improved playgrounds and improved sports programs in schools.

With the focus on Education, there will be higher demand for people who can deliver a good sports & PE experience for children and can communicate the value to the stakeholders. With the increasing focus on Skills & Employability, employers will realize the value of sports towards healthier, fitter candidates with the right life-skills for success in the adult world.

Education and Infrastructure should get a push in the first Budget of Narendra Modi government.

With newer schools coming up, the demand for good quality PE & Sports personnel in schools will increase. Currently, the degree courses are not fully aligned with the industry needs. The skilling initiatives – in which EduSports is already involved – will help benchmark the skills to the current market requirement and give appropriate value to the rightly skilled individuals.