New Delhi, March 1: Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra today criticised the Union Budget 2016-17, alleging it reflects a negativity for the middle class and its focus on agriculture and rural initiatives was linked to upcoming elections in Punjab. “The ‘Are You Serious’ Budget !!

The least I was expecting out of this budget in this economic slow-down, was an addition of another cess. Surely, we all need to know on how the money collected in the name of different cess, is spent.

“I don’t see any change in cleanliness, where we all pay ‘Swatch Bharat’ cess…And similarly other two cess and now the fourth one…Does the middle class not exist for the government? It only reflects negativity for the middle class,” Vadra said in a Facebook post.

He also took a dig at the decision to tax PF withdrawal. “Tax on PF withdrawal, is another shot in the arm… couldn’t they have any better ideas to torture?” he asked. (Also Read: Union Budget 2016; Rating agencies doubt Arun Jaitley’s revenue growth optimism)

Linking the Budget’s rural focus to Assembly polls in Punjab, he said,” Do we have any elections in a state which mostly has an agricultural population…Did u say Punjab? Though glad to to see UPA initiated MGNREGA, been accepted with open arms…” He said the budget proposals will inevitably bring pressure from people, which “will be the nemesis for the government”.