7th Pay Commission Latest News: The Central Government Employees’ expectations for a hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the 7th pay commission recommendations are now hanging by a thread as the Union government made no announcement.

According to reports, hike in Dearness Allowance (DA) is more likely as predicted by some subject matter experts but CG employees are worried about the demands of hike beyond 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

The CG employees are not satisfied with the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission regarding the minimum pay and have been demanding, for a long time, a hike of Rs 8000 and an increase in the fitment factor up to 3.68 times.

Last year, the distribution of salaries as per the 7th pay commission recommendations was considered as a factor that led to the recovery of the Indian economy.

The minimum pay of Central Government employees, currently, stands at Rs 18000 and they have asked for an increment of Rs 8000, after which it will rise to Rs 26000.

According to the experts, there is an expectation of increment in DA up to five per cent. If the allowance hike is implemented, it will be the biggest increase in the DA since the implementation of the 7th pay scale in 2016.

Harishankar Tiwari, Former Secretary and Assistant Secretary of All India Audit and Accounts Association, AG Office Brotherhood, Allahabad, who also calculates government employees DA, told Zee Business Online that an increase in DA is possible because, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, inflation has increased in April 2019.

RK Verma, Coordinator of the State Employee Joint Council, UP said that “This time there is a more chance in DA increment because inflation rates have been increased in CPI data of April and May 2019.”

The Central Government had increased the DA by three per cent in January 2019. Many states since then have followed the suit and increased the DA of the state government employees.