7th Pay Commission Latest News: In a development that will surely be welcomed by railway employees, Indian Railways has ruled that an employee who has put in a transfer request, will have to be relieved before the due date. As per the order, the Head of Department (HoD) will have to relieve the employee immediately after receiving his /her transfer request.

However, if the HoD cannot relieve the employee immediately, he will have to approach senior officials. However, he still won’t be able to make an employee stay for more than three months. Also, there should be a specific reason behind not being able to immediately relieve an en employee.

It was in 2017 that employees were given permission to seek transfer to their hometowns. Back then, however, the Railway Board had not clarified the duration of time after which they would be relieved by the HoDs.

The board’s move comes after there were requests made in this regard by employees from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, posted in Punjab. As per earlier rules, a railway employee was eligible for transfer only after completing five years in service.

On a related note, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal informed in Parliament that salaries of railway employees had increased from 14% to 26% after the government accepted recommendations made by the 7th Central Pay Commission for, railway employees.