7th Pay Commission Latest News: It is indeed a piece of pleasant news for all employees working in the Indian Railways as their salaries have gone up from the earlier 14 per cent to present 26 per cent, Union railways minister Piyush Goyal said in Parliament on Wednesday.

While presenting the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) on operational expenditures of the Indian Railways, Goyal said after the Central government implemented the 7th Pay Commission recommendations for the Railways employees, the monthly salary of lower grade employees has gone up from 14 per cent onwards. He added that the monthly salary of upper-grade employees has gone up to 26 per cent.

Talking further about the operational expenditure of the Indian Railways on its employees, Goyal said soon after the 7th pay commission was implemented, the operational expenditures of the Indian Railways have gone up by around Rs 22,000 crores on the salaries of the Indian Railways employees.

However, not getting surprised by the CAG report, Goyal informed the Lok Sabha that the rise in operating cost of the Indian Railways is a common matter. Saying that this is nothing new, Goyal gave the example of the 6th Pay commission, and said the operational expenditure of the Indian Railways had also gone up by near 15 per cent after 6th Pay Commission was implemented.

Two day back, the CAG presented a report about the operational expenditure of Indian Railways ans stated that the operating ratio of the Indian Railways in the financial year 2015-16 was at 90.49 per cent, which rose to 96.5 per cent in FY2016-17 and 98.44 per cent in FT2017-18.

Following the report from the CAG, the Indian railways planned to hike the train fares across the country before plunging into further loss. Sources at the Indian Railways had said that the tickets are likely to become costlier by 5-10 per cent in Mail and Express trains. The development cane after the CAG in its report stated that the Railways spent Rs 98.44 to earn Rs 100.