After Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi, another scam has hit the country. This time a case has been filed against Surendra Singh in Jaisalmer for allegedly running away with Rs100 crore of deposits with the bank. The credit cooperative society started its operation around 4 years back and within a short period, the bank managed to collect a sum of Rs 100 crore as deposits. The society also managed to open several branches across the state and expanded its business from Mumbai to Dubai. Initially, the bank paid all its deposits on time but after some time it started closing its branches and soon its chairman Surendra Singh got underground.

Sai Kripa Credit Cooperative Society and Mohan Kripa Credit Cooperative Society have taken away crores of money deposited by people and have allegedly threatened people who have asked for their money back. The case has been filed against the bank but nothing much has happened in the case so far.

Surendra Singh is from the Tejmalta village of Jaisalmer. Without any management degree, he soon managed to expand his business across the state. The case has been registered against him in Jaisalmer and Pokhran cities. While he is on run, people of Jailsamer are running from pillar to post to get their money back.