New Delhi: At a time when onion prices are ruling the market in Delhi and other parts of the country at Rs70-80 per kg, the next in line to rule the market with high price is the tomato. For the past few weeks, tomato prices have seen a surge of around 70 per cent in Delhi. People looking for tomato will going through a tough time ahead of the festive season due to the price hike of the vegetables.

Heavy rain and subsequent flood are some of the reasons why the prices of vegetables in Maharashtra, Karnataka and other parts of the country have been going up for past one week.

Tomatoes in Delhi-NCR are being sold at Rs 40-Rs 60 per kg in retail stores since the last few days and it is expected that the prices might go up in the coming days as the festive season is nearing.

Apart from the national capital, tomato prices have also gone up drastically across the country. According to updates from the Central Consumer Affairs Department, onion price in Chandigarh was Rs 52 per kg on Wednesday.

So far Delhi has faced the price rise of the tomato so much that on Thursday, a 25 kg sack of tomatoe was sold at a price above Rs 800 in Delhi’s wholesale market Azadpur Mandi. The average variety of tomatoes was Rs 500 per sack.

According to the Azad Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) price list, the wholesale price of tomatoes was Rs 8-Rs 34 per kg and 560.3 tonnes of tomatoes arrived in the wholesale market on Wednesday.

Traders fear that the tomato prices might go up drastically in the coming days due to the increased demand during the festive season.

In August this year, heavy rains in Punjab, Haryana and several parts of the country had led to a surge in the prices of tomato and onion which has almost doubled. Tomato and onion were sold at Rs 80 and Rs 50 per kg in Haryana and Punjab respectively and prices of other vegetables went up sharply after heavy rains damaged crops in these states.

(With inputs from IANS)