Amul, the national dairy cooperative based at Anand in the state of Gujarat, released a statement on Friday to negate social media rumours that the company was using an emulsifier, E-471, made from an animal source. The press release stated that it ‘vociferously negates all these accusations and clarify any issues regarding the same’.

“The emulsifier can be made from either animal fat or from plant oils (soybean, cande, palm, sunflower, cottonseed or coconut oil). As the Taste of India, the emulsifier we use is purely derived from 100 per cent vegetarian source only,” the statement added.

Amul released a video on twitter that Amul Ice Cream is made from milk and all ingredients used in its preparation are 100 per cent vegetarian.

Amul has clarified these rumours by stating that the emulsifier used is a plant source. 

“Moreover, all Amul product packs carry a vegetarian logo, which provides a warranty and our guarantee to our esteemed customers that our products are 100% vegetarian, in accordance with the mandate of the food regulator of India, FSSAI.”

“All Amul Milk and Milk products are halal certified and are being exported to Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) countries since the past 2 decades. The vegetarian logo on Amul products indicating the use of 100% vegetarian ingredients is also audited and certified by 3rd party certifications like ISP/FSSI/FSMS and Halal,” the statement added.