New Delhi: With the price of the onion reaching to Rs 200 per kg in many parts of the country, the Central government on Monday further revised the stock limit for retailers. This is the second revision in one week time by the Central government.

As per updates from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the stock limit has been revised only for retailers and will continue to remain the same for wholesalers. For wholesalers, the stock limit remains 25 MT, while for retailers, is has further been reduced to 2 MT from the earlier 5 MT.

However, the importers will remain exempted from these stock limits for imported onions. The Ministry stated that the states have been asked to carry out immediate anti-hoarding operations.

On December 3, the Central government had revised the stock limits for wholesalers and retailers. The step was taken from the Ministry in an effort to curb hoarding of onions.

According to an earlier revision, the stock limit for wholesalers was set at 25 metric tonnes (MT), while for retailers, it was set at 5 metric tonnes. Previously, retailers were allowed to hold onion stock up to 10 tonnes and wholesalers up to 50 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the West Bengal government has announced to sell onions at Rs 59 per kilogram through 935 fair price ration shops from Monday as its prices have skyrocketed across the country. As per updates, one kilogram of onion will be given to each family in the state while purchasing the vegetable.

A number of places across the country are witnessing a surge in price rise of onions with Madurai and Goa selling the vegetable at Rs 200 per kg.