Bank Holidays 2020 in June: As no major festivals are there in the month of June, all banks across the country will function as usual. Moreover, there are no scheduled off days for stock markets in June either. According to the RBI guidelines, the private and public sector banks will remain closed on the second and fourth Saturday and all Sundays of every month.Also Read - Bank Holidays 2021 ALERT: Banks to Remain Closed For 15 Days in August | Full List Here

However, the RBI has mentioned that on some particular days, the banking operations will remain closed in June. Most importantly, these banking holidays depend on the festivals being observed in some states specific to the region. Also Read - Bank Holidays 2021: Banks Remain Close For 3 Days; Details Inside

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, several banks have reduced their working hours by carrying out preventive measures such as social distancing and others. Also Read - Bank Holidays In June 2021: Banks To Remain Close For 7 Days; Check Bank Holidays Full List

The RBI on its website has revealed that banks in some states will be closed to observe certain regional holidays. Banks in Jammu and Kashmir will be closed for Guru Hargobind Ji’s birthday and Remna Ni and YMA Day will be celebrated in Mizoram for which banks will be closed some that day.

Even though regular banking operations will be closed on the mentioned holidays, people can access their online banking services through internet banking. Many times, ATM machines don’t disburse cash on some holidays. So, people must keep some cash in case of an emergency to avoid such situation.

Date DayHolidayBank Holiday in
5 JuneFridaySant Guru Kabir Das JayantiSeveral states


7 JuneSundayNational HolidayAll states
13 June Saturday
14 June Sunday
18 June ThursdayGuru Hargobind Ji’s Birthday


Jammu and Kashmir


21 June SundayRath YatraOdisha
23 June Tuesday
27 June Saturday
28 June Sunday
30 June TuesdayRemna NiMizoram