Mumbai, April 18: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has introduced a new policy to combat the massive problem of space constraint that Mumbai is currently facing. Targeting motorists who avail spaces on public roads, the BMC has introduced a pay and park policy for the parking of cars outside ones’ society.

Starting the implementation of the scheme from South Mumbai, the BMC has spotted 475 such areas within the region wherein the new rule would be applicable. After a thorough study by the traffic police, the areas that have been included encompass public spaces as well as areas outside private housing societies.

Currently, the city has a total of 91 pay-and-park lots, which do not meet the requirements of the growing traffic in Mumbai. In order to dissuade commuters as well as residents from parking in random spots along the road, the BMC will demarcate parking spaces on roads outside buildings.

After the parking slots get designated, the corporation will invite bids from residents for the designated spaces. However, a resident would not be assured of having the particular parking space reserved in their name. The policy had long been planned by the BMC. Introduced on January 2, 2015, the body had faced a lot of flak from residents of the “A ward” between Colaba and Churchgate.

However, the clearance of the policy by the BMC now means that residents will have to pay anywhere upwards of Rs 2,000 for a month for availing parking facilities throughout the night. Further, residents will not be able to apply for the parking slots directly. Their respective housing society would have to approach the BMC for the booking, and if approved, the society and not the resident will have to pay the BMC. The approval will depend on whether the parking would in any way block the flow of traffic along the road, the judgement of which has been left upon the city’s traffic police.