New Delhi: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Budget 2022 in Parliament on February 1, 2022. For the last two years, the healthcare sector across the world has been at the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. It has not only made people understand the value of the sector, but it has also brought forth the cracks in the healthcare infrastructure.Also Read - Good News For Govt Servants: Centre Relaxes Family Pension Rules For Missing Employees

For the upcoming Budget 2022, the healthcare experts have a number of suggestions for the government. From incentivising private investment in the sector to promoting telemedicine, the experts have made it very clear that the budget expenditure on the healthcare sector needs to go up. Also Read - What Will Be The Prices Of Petrol, Diesel In Delhi, Mumbai, Other Cities After Reduction in Excise Duty

According to Ameera Shah, Promoter and Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., “…Training, and medical infrastructure needs to be nurtured. The Centre’s current expenditure on healthcare is estimated at 1.2% of the GDP (as per National Health Accounts, 2016-17) and envisioned to touch 2.5% by 2025. And I believe that strong investments in healthcare can help buoy the nation’s economy.” Also Read - Centre Slashes Excise Duty On Petrol By Rs 8 Per Litre, Diesel By Rs 6 to Curb Rising Inflation | Check Revised Rates Here

More Investment In Technology

Experts believe that the investment in technology development related to the healthcare sector needs to go up. Some of them also feel the need to promote telemedicine in the country.

Sudhir Prem Srivastava, Founder, Chairman & CEO of SS Innovations said, “There should be a lot of investment in the development of technology that will help and enhance in fact to return to work sooner and also to be able to truly offer telemedicine beyond the teleconferences and I think there is a real opportunity to invest in technologies that we bring various diagnostics and therapeutic modalities to various smaller communities towns and also remote locations.”

According to Srivastava, India still imports almost 70-80% of medical devices. This not only drains the economic change but also subjects the county to external events. “We must truly invest in India in various multiple technologies to make it truly Atmanirbhar”, he said.

‘Raise Public Health Spending To 2.5-3.5 Per Cent Of GDP’

According to Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Founder, CureBay, the Modi government needs to raise the public health spending to 2.5-3.5% of the GDP to keep supporting the healthcare revolution.

She said, “We would also like to request the government to create REITs on healthcare and introduce medical innovation fund enabling companies with capital to promote digital healthcare infrastructure. Setting up strong digital healthcare platforms will help rural India get better and quick assistance in their medical requirements. We also expect the government to announce reforms around incentivization of private investment in healthcare infrastructure, health insurance coverage, skilling the existing healthcare workforce, and rationalizing GST on healthcare offerings to further boost the growth of the sector.”

In a nutshell, experts want the government to bridge the urban-rural gap in the healthcare sector. This would be a step forward to make better healthcare facilities available to all.