New Delhi: The Centre has approved the amendment of a rule which would benefit its employees. Once it gets implemented, said reports, the minimum incentive amount will be increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,00 for employees who earn a higher degree while serving in their respective departments.

In fact, the Centre has approved a five-fold increase in the lump sum incentive given to its employees who have earned a high degree during employment. Under this, the incentive amount of employees who earn a higher degree like PhD will increase.

As per the order of the Ministry of Personnel, a grant of Rs 10,000 will be given for obtaining a degree of 3 years or less and diploma. For a degree/diploma over 3 years, Rs 15,000 will be given.

Similarly, for a postgraduate degree/diploma within a year or less, Rs 20,000 would be given while obtaining a post-graduate degree or diploma in over a year, 25,000 rupees will be given.

Those who finish PhD or equivalent qualification would be given Rs 30,000. So far, after getting into the job, those government employees who studied for a higher degree were given a one-time incentive between Rs 2,000 and Rs 10,000. Now, once the new rule is implemented, the minimum incentive will increase from Rs 2,000 to five times, to Rs 10,000.

However, as per the Ministry of Personnel, there are some conditions for availing this incentive. No incentives will be given on acquiring high qualification on pure academic education or literary subjects.

Also, the qualification (degree/diploma) obtained should be in line with the post of the employee or his next post. The degree/diploma should add to the skill set of the employee. There are about 48.41 lakh employees in Central Government offices.