New Delhi, June 14: Muslims observing Ramzan will end their month-long fast with the sighting of the crescent moon and begin the celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr.Also Read - Bank Holidays 2021: Banks Remain Close For 3 Days; Details Inside

Since the crescent moon was not been sighted in India on Thursday, the festival will be observed on Saturday. The tentative date for Eid holiday is also June 16. Also Read - Bank Holiday Alert: Banks to Remain Closed in Different Cities For 12 Days THIS Month. Full List Here

The tentativeness of the sighting of the moon had led to a confusion over which day the banks will be closed – Friday or Saturday? Also Read - Bank Holiday Alert: Banks To Remain Closed For 4 Days From Today In These Cities | Full List Here

Financial Express quoted DT Franco, General Secretary, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation, saying that except for some banks in Southern India, most of the banks will be closed on Saturday.

“Except for some South Indian states, the holiday for Eid 2018 holiday is on Saturday. Once that’s announced, it is not usually not changed according to the visibility of the moon,” Franco said.

In Kerala, Mizoram, Odisha, Puducherry Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand, the bank Eid 2018 holiday has been notified on Friday, June 15. inquired about the same with two bank employees of HDFC Bank in New Delhi who said that they did not receive any notice about a holiday on June 15 till Thursday evening. So it is likely that the banks be closed on Saturday.

Meanwhile, UCO Bank said that since Muslim festivals are subject to the sighting of the crescent moon, it is likely that the holiday might change accordingly.

Saturday, June 16, is a working day for banks as it is the third Saturday of the month. Banks have holidays every second and last Saturday of the month.