New Delhi: Tea is part of almost every household in India. There are different accounts of tea’s origin in India but by and large, historians trace its arrival from China. Different accounts from travellers mention the drink existed in China some 2000 years ago. In an article published in the Hindu in 2018, writer Arup K Chatterjee refers to the English diarist, Samuel Pepys, who had mentioned tea in his diary entry from September 25, 1600. Referred as “Tcha”, tea was sold in England in 1635, the article says. Then it was to British credit that “Tea” was first planted in the state of Assam.  The credit goes to the Royal Society of Arts who were instrumental in transplanting the saplings from China. Later it was also taken to the Nilgiris Hills.Also Read - Grey Line Extension, Pink Line Segment of Delhi Metro to be Opened on August 6: DMRC

Cut to present, amid the raging Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people relied on the calming influence of tea. Families also experimented with their tea with easily found herbs like Tulsi and Lemongrass as per their tastes. Responding to the requirement, Moksa also introduced different varieties of teas aimed to help your needs like detoxification and good sleep. Known for its plant-based products, Moksa introduced several varieties of tea, from Chamomile Flowers tea, Stimulating Detox Tea, Orange Mint Green Tea, Turmeric Black and Panacea Tea. Also Read - School Reopening News: Schools in Punjab to Reopen For All Classes From Monday, Parents' Consent Mandatory

Chamomile Tea helps induce good sleep, as it is derived from the plant Chamomile which is a great source of flavone antioxidants, the company said in a release. Also Read - Jammu & Kashmir Lockdown: Schools, Colleges to Remain Closed Till Further Orders; Night Curfew to Continue in All Districts

“The goodness of herbs used in traditional medicine come together in the form of Stimulating Detox tea to give you solution for all the toxins accumulated in your body. It’s made up of Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Nettle leaves, Moringa, Gymnema,” Moksa said in a statement.

“Moksa provides plant-based products that help you relax and reach your peak state while being respectful and non-exploitative of the resources that are used,” it said.

“The range of exotic, unique, and gourmet blends go through the process of procurement and tasting, by the palette of experience of 25 years, with the passion to get the most effective plant combinations and without any toxic or non-toxic elements. The procurement is done taking utmost care of purity,” Moksa said.

Brands are focusing on individuals immunity needs and diversifying their product base. Tea lovers won’t mind being spoilt with choice.