There are six people from India who deposited money in their Swiss Bank accounts and seem to have forgotten about it. It is the third year in a row that Swiss banks have made public a list of bank accounts which are lying dormant including details about 6 Indians. The banks are unable to trace the owners and so far no beneficiary has come forward to claim the money. The list has been shared amid a political drama in India over alleged black money parked in Swiss Banks. Also Read - India Gets Second Set Of Swiss Bank Account Details Under AEOI to Help Curb Black Money

The list consists of 3,500 such accounts of which at least six have links to India. The accounts in question have been lying dormant since at least December 2015, and no successful claimant has come forward for them. Also Read - Indians' Money in Swiss Banks Down 6% in 2019; Hits Third Lowest in Over 3 Decades

The total holding in all such accounts is estimated to be about Rs 300 crore (44 million Swiss franc). Also Read - Swiss Bank Account Details Confidential; Won't Share: Finance Ministry

Of the six with Indian links, place of residence of three has been mentioned as India, while one is based out of Paris and London for another. The place of residence for the sixth person was not disclosed.

These are Pierre Vachek and Bernet Rosmarie from ‘Bombay’. Bahadur Chandra Singh from Dehradun, Dr Mohan Lal from Paris, Suchah Yogesch Prabhudas from London. The residential details of Kishore Lall are not disclosed.

The date of birth for Vachek has been disclosed in one case as January 1, 1908.

All these accounts were added to the public list in December 2015 and would remain there till December 2020, unless a successful claim is made for the money.

The list was first published by the Banking Ombudsman of Switzerland in December 2015. The list gets updated with new dormant account every year.

The list is shared so that right claimants can come forward with requisite proof and take the money with them.

As per the latest information shared by the Ombudsman, as many as 40 accounts and two safe deposit boxes in the year 2017 itself got deleted from the list when a successful claim was made.