New Delhi: Fuel prices continued to soar upward giving no respite to the aam junta as petrol was priced at Rs 81.63 per litre and diesel was priced at Rs 73.54 per litre in Delhi today. There was a sharp rise of Rs 0.35 per litre in terms of petrol and Rs 0.24 per litre when it came to diesel. If prices in the national capital continued with an upward trend, Mumbai was not far behind. Fuel prices continued to skyrocket with petrol prices increasing by Rs 0.34 per litre and diesel being increased by Rs 0.25 per litre. While petrol was capped at Rs 89.01 per litre, diesel is being sold at Rs 78.07 per litre. Also Read - Woman Shot, Dumped on Road by Delhi Cop; Saved by Another Sub-Inspector

Fuel prices are being revised on a daily basis. On Friday, petrol prices were increased by Rs 0.28 per litre and were priced at Rs 81.28 per litre in the national capital. Similarly, diesel prices saw an increase by 0.22 per litre and were being sold at Rs 73.30 per litre in Delhi. Meanwhile, in Mumbai, petrol prices touched yet another high as petrol was priced at Rs 88.67 per litre (an increase of Rs 0.28 per litre) while diesel was priced at Rs 77.82 per litre (an increase of Rs 0.24 per litre). Also Read - Mumbai Containment Zones Today: Over 10,000 Buildings Identified as COVID-Hotspot; 671 Areas Sealed

The rise in fuel prices on an everyday basis has the common man burdened and questioning the government ‘Acche din kab aayenge?’ While the common masses continue to seek answers from the government on fuel price hike, the Centre has no plans to reduce taxes on petrol and diesel prices in the near future as neither the Central government nor some states can afford to suffer revenue loss from such a move. According to the Finance Ministry estimates, every Rs 2 cut in the prices of petrol and diesel would lead to a revenue loss of around Rs 30,000 crore. The government said that it would not take any knee-jerk action as a response to the fall in rupee or spike in fuel prices. Also Read - Will Make Water Supply in Delhi as Good as in Developed Countries: CM Kejriwal

On Thursday too, petrol was being sold at Rs 81.00 per litre and diesel was being sold at Rs 73.08 per litre in the national capital. On September 14, a litre of petrol was priced at Rs 88.39 per litre and diesel at Rs 77.58 per litre in Mumbai.

Since mid-August, the petrol price has risen by Rs 3.92 a litre and diesel by Rs 4.31 per litre.