Mumbai, July 3: Petrol dealers’ across the country have decided to launch a nationwide strike on July 5 in which the procurement of petrol and diesel by them will be halted. The strike has been launched in response to the government’s decision to revise the prices of petrol and diesel every day.

One of the main demands of the All India Petrol Dealers’ Association (AIPDA), that has called for the strike, is that the government must ensure that petroleum dealers must be able to maintain their commission received after the the sale of every litre of petrol or diesel despite a daily revision of fuel prices.

Further, the body has also expressed its contention with the failure of oil marketing companies’ failure to install a completely automated system at all petrol pumps in the country and an alleged lack of transparency in the daily revision of prices

A report in the ET quoted Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association founder N Dinesh Reddy as having said, “We are not against daily revision of prices but want the government to ensure that our commission percentage is intact irrespective of the price going up or downwards on a daily basis. If our demands are not met, the dealers will close petrol bunks and stop sale of fuel from July 12 onwards.”

Similarly, Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association President Rajiv Amaram is reported to have said, “The government has been giving permission for setting up of new petrol and diesel retail outlets despite the fact that consumption of fuel is not going up. The Centre had given licence to a company in Karnataka to deliver petrol at the door steps but other dealers got a stay after approaching the explosives department. The dealer’s commission or the margin should be enhanced every six months which is not being done.”

Regional dealers’ bodies supporting the strike also include the West Bengal Petroleum Dealers’ Association and the Guwahati unit of North East India Petroleum Dealers’ Association (NEIPDA) among others. The strike is expected to cause a shortage of fuel at petrol pumps to the lack of purchase by dealers. The shortage could extend to a maximum of two days.