New Delhi: The first state in the country to do so, the Chhattisgarh government on Thursday announced the launch of ‘Godhan Nyay Yojana’ to make animal husbandry commercially profitable. Also Read - Watch: Pregnant Woman Taken to Hospital in Makeshift Basket in Chhattisgarh As Ambulance Fails to Reach Village

Launching the scheme, Chief Minister CM Bhupesh Baghel said the yojana can prevent open grazing by cattle, solve the problem of stray animals on roads and helpful for environmental conservation in the state. Also Read - 2 Lightning Victims in Chhattisgarh Die After They Were Covered in Cow Dung as 'Cure' by Villagers

The chief minister said that the committee of Principal Secretaries and Secretaries constituted under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary will finalize the entire procedure right from cow dung procurement to its financial management to the production of vermicompost. Also Read - Chhattisgarh Allows Passenger Buses to Ply in State; Clubs, Malls, Hotels Also Permitted to Open

With the launching of the scheme, the state announced that it will procure cow dung from cow breeders and farmers. This makes Chhattisgarh the first state in the country to make an announcement to this effect.

The chief minister said that the cow rearing has to be made viable. He said that once cows stop giving milk, they are left to roam around and this leads to fights and people have even been killed as a result.

As part of the plan, the state government will help the cattle rearers in buying fodder for cows and will not release them unattended if cows are made commercially viable. In the days to come, the state government will extend the scheme to cities also.

The chief minister said that cow dung will be purchased not only from cow resting places but also from individual farmers who can sell cow dung from their homes. Later, the cow dung will be made into organic manure which will be used in agricultural fields.