Gold Price Today, June 27, 2021: Gold rates in India today (Sunday) showed a slight increase, according to The Good Returns website. The prices of 10-gram 22-carat gold today stand at Rs 46,160, going up by Rs 10 from yesterday when the yellow metal was being sold at Rs 46,150. Meanwhile, 100 gram of 22-carat gold registered a rise of Rs 100, jumping to Rs 4,61,600.Also Read - Gold Price Today: Good Time to Buy Gold as Rates Dip | Check Rate of 22-Carat & 24-Carat Gold in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi

Coming to 24-carat gold, both 10-gram and 100-gram categories rose by Rs 10 and Rs 100 respectively. You can buy 10-gram of 24-carat gold for Rs 47,160 and 100 grams for Rs 4,71,600.

An analysis of gold rates in the past 6 days

The prices of gold on Sunday increased marginally by Rs 10 for both 22-carat and 24-carat gold. Saturday saw a rise of Rs 20 with the price of gold standing at Rs 46, 150. On Friday, there was a significant dip of Rs 60 for 22-carat and 24-carat gold. June 24 (Thursday) saw the prices climbing by Rs 40, with 22-carat being sold at Rs 46,190 and 24-carat at 47,190. Wednesday (June 23) showed a rise of Rs 30 taking the price of 22-carat gold to Rs 46,150 and the rate of 24-carat gold to 47,150. June 22 (Tuesday) saw a big decline of Rs 100 for both categories of gold. The 22-carat gold was sold at Rs 46,120 while the 24-carat was sold for Rs 47,120.

Check gold rate in your city here: (Credit: The Good Returns website)

Gold price today, check rates of 22 and 24 carat gold in your city

Gold price today, check rates of 22 and 24 carat gold in your city

Readers, please note that gold rates mentioned in the copy differ from the gold prices at jewellery shops.