Is it okay to have conflicts with your colleagues? Well, trainer and inspirational speaker, Archana Khurana Sharma says that not all conflicts are bad or negative. Conflicts are normal when two people are communicating, she says. It is a perfect way to recognize a working relationship between two people. What matters is how people are dealing with conflicts and how they resolve their issues. Also Read - Hate Going to Office on a Rainy Day? Here Are 5 Tried & Tested Excuses to Skip Work!

One of the best ways to handle a workplace conflict, especially one with your teammate is to talk about and find a closure. What matters is the right intention to resolve the conflict and then, things are back to normal! What else do you need to manage conflicts in the workplace? In this video, the hosts and our guests have discussed the solutions for how you can handle or deal with conflicts at work. Also Read - Office Parties, Chai Stalls & Comfortable Chairs: Survey Shows What People Miss About Workplace

We can’t simply walk out of a person’s life if there’s a clash of views, we have to address it and make it work. This becomes essential in professional life as you have to keep calm and manage your conflicts with the other person. The thing is, you and your colleague are working together for the same company. So, your differences with the person will not only hamper your relationship with him/her but also the company’s performance (indirectly yours). Your action and reaction are observed keenly. It’s always better to maintain your mental peace at the workplace and handle conflicts smartly. Also Read - How to Voice Your Opinion Without Sounding Rude

Many people shy away from confronting issues with the person they have problems with. That’s the first step to resolve any conflict. Unfortunately, most people don’t take this step and ruin their relationship. The human relationship takes years to build and a few heated moments to be destroyed. It is a delicate thing, so one must be careful in preserving what they have earned in years. Also, in professional life, there is no point in burning brides as the ultimate goal for both persons is same. You work for your company and your colleague is working for the same company too.

Two people are bound to have conflicts when they are expressing their views or communicating with each other. One will either agree or disagree with the other person. In this video, find out ways to sort out the issues after the conflict and how to have a healthy professional relationship with your colleague. Conflicts are good for the relationship, and resolving the conflicts are even better.