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Inclined Studio Leading The Top Row in Architectural Photography

Inclined Studio is famous for having new ideas and applying them in the real field of work.

Published: September 11, 2020 11:02 AM IST

By News Desk | Edited by Surabhi Shaurya

Inclined Studio Leading The Top Row in Architectural Photography

Ahmedabad is a place where many creative minds were born. Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel are no exception. They are the owners of an architectural photography company, named Inclined Studio .

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This company is very famous in Gujarat, and also outside the state. Inclined Studio is redefining the architectural photography to another level, blending tradition with technology.

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Inclined Studio gives perfect advertising contents to woo your customers to visualise the subject in their perspective. It works on the depth of their projects, and gives better solution than any other companies in the field. Inclined Studio blends the orthodox ideas with the tech savvy mentality, and provides the top quality services.

Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel are the owners of this architectural photography company situated in Ahmedabad, and the goal of this company is to balance the concepts with technicalities.

Inclined Studio is famous for having new ideas and applying them in the real field of work. This important and unique characteristic has helped them to win quite a few awards, such as in 2017 their work managed to secure the cover page of IIID Magazine, and Timeless living in 2018. More than 150 projects were published in renowned magazines, which tells a lot about Inclined Studio’s quality of work.

Inclined Studio is specialised for landscape sectors, interiors, and exemplary photography. Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel consider their customers as soul of their company, and successfully satisfying a customer is the best thing about entrepreneurship. Inclined Studio was established in 2015, and within 5 years it has been represented in many big platforms. The quality of work, dedication, determination, and patience towards perfection helped Inclined Studio to flourish. Their perfection helps their clients to grow their business too.

Good Camera : Inclined Studio team knows the importance of good quality equipment to maintain professionalism in their projects. They use Sony a7r 3 with remote release which is reliable also.

High quality lenses : Inclined Studio uses Sony 16-35 mm f4, and they keep the basics in their mind, such as wider things look unnatural to the customers, and objects closer to the lens generally become elongated.

Critical analysis : Understanding the depth of customers perspective, and representing a good solution to help them flourish, is what Inclined Studio loves to provide.

Hero shot : The hero shot is preferably a wide angle shot, and it needs a good idea of photography angles. Inclined Studio’s high skilled owners as well as photographers have great knowledge about the angles, and they take good care for the hero shot. It is a single wide shot of the house which is generally published on a website or brochure.

Detailed study : Inclined Studio respects client’s perspective, and produce great quality of photos with perfect detailed work. The projection of the photographs when unfold a lot Infront of the customers, that acquires the ability of giving a good visualisation to the them. This satisfaction is capable of making your business flourish more.

Good lighting composition : Shooting during the day, night, evening, dawn, indoor, or outdoor, Inclined Studio never gives any excuses for the quality of their work due to lighting problems. Lighting is the actual key of photography. Inclined Studio uses natural lights, HRD blending, and good exposures to make their shooting perfect.

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