International Flights Latest News: Despite reeling under economic crisis, Air India has brought down the ticket prices to the US almost by half as it is now facing steep competition with United Airlines. India is gradually opening its airspace for international flights as it has signed air bubbles with the US, France and Germany. Also Read - Goa Airport to Remain Shut at Night Till THIS Date. Check Details

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United’s Delhi to Newark flight tickets are starting from Rs 57,000 whereas flights to San Francisco are priced at Rs 67,000. Also Read - We Will Stop Work: Air India Pilot Union Demands Vaccination of Crew on Priority

Air India US flights are now priced at Rs 51,000


Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, Air India Express, Spicejet operated in this route. The ticket prices have been kept low for this route. Emirates and Etihad are selling tickets for under Rs 20,000. Air India Express is charging as low as Rs 14,000.


Air India, Air France, Lufthansa are the major players in these routes. According to reports, a one-way flight of Air France between India and Paris costs Rs 33,190. Air India is charging higher than that, Air India is pricing its European routes at Rs 39,970.