IRCTC Latest News Today: With several states announcing the unlock guidelines, the Indian Railways has resumed the services of several special trains in a graded manner in the country. Notably, the Railways has restarted the train services in this month of June to allow the movement of migrant labourers and clear the waiting list in various origin-destination clusters. According to a news report by PTI, the Railways will bring back 660 trains into operation in June.Also Read - IRCTC Latest News: India Railways to Start Swadesh Darshan Special Train From Madhya Pradesh Soon. Check Ticket Fare, Itinerary Details

In the wake of these developments, the zonal railways have been given permission to restore services in a graded manner, keeping in mind the Covid situation and passenger demand. Also Read - Is 4th Covid Wave Coming? India Witnesses 45% Jump in Corona Cases. Delhi, Maharashtra Remain Top Contributors

Issuing a notification, the Western Railway zone said that it will restore the services of 17 pairs of special trains in the coming days. Also Read - By-Election Result 2022: List Of Winners From 3 Lok Sabha, 7 State Assembly Seats

Earlier this week, the Western Railway had decided to resume operating seven pairs of up and down trains from Indore and nearby Dr Ambedkar Nagar (Mhow) stations.

These seven pairs of trains will connect Indore and Mhow with Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Daund, Udhampur, Yeshwantpur and Kochuveli.

Currently, the Railways is operating trains under the special category and only passengers with the confirmed ticket are allowed to board.

Full List of 17 pairs of trains:

  1. Train Number 02009/02010 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Shatabdi Special: This train train will run all days except Sundays and will resume operations from June 28.
  2. Train Number 09013/09014 Bandra Terminus – Bhusaval Khandesh Special: This is scheduled to ply from June 29 and will run every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  3. Train Number 02933/02934 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Special: Operation of this daily train will resume from June 28.
  4. Train Number 09043/09044 Bandra Terminus – Bhagat Ki Kothi Special: Train number 09043 will ply every Thursday starting July 1 and train number 09044 will ply every Friday starting from July 2.
  5. Train Number 09293/09294 Bandra Terminus – Mahuva Special: The former will resume operation from June 30 and run every Wednesday. The latter will run every Thursday starting from July 1.
  6. Train Number 02908/02907 Hapa – Madgaon Superfast Special: 02908 will operate every Wednesday from June 30 onwards. 02907 will operate from July 2, and it will run every Friday.
  7. Train Number 02944/02943 Indore – Daund Special: 02944 will be in operation from June 28 on all days except Wednesday. 02943 will operate on all days but Thursday from June 29.
  8. Train Number 09241/09242 Indore – Udhampur Special: 09241 will run on Mondays starting from July 5 onwards. 09242 will resume from July 7 and it will run every Wednesday.
  9. Train Number 09260/09259 Bhavnagar – Kochuveli Special: 09260 will resume operation from June 29 and it will run every Tuesday. Train Number 09259 will resume service from July 1 and it will run every Thursday.
  10. Train Number 09262/09261 Porbandar – Kochuveli Special: Train number 09262 will resume operation from July 1 and it will run every Thursday. Train Number 09261 will resume from July 4 and it will run every Sunday.
  11. Train Number 09263/09264 Porbandar – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Special: Train Number 09263 will resume from June 29 and will ply every Tuesday and Saturday. Train Number 09264 will resume operations from July 1and it will run every Monday and Thursday.
  12. Train Number 09301/09302 Dr. Ambedkar Nagar – Yasvantpur Special: Train Number 09301 will resume from June 27 and it will run every Sunday. Operation of train Number 09302 will resume from June 29 and it will run every Tuesday.
  13. Train Number 09307/09308 Indore – Chandigarh Special: Train Number 09307 will resume service from July 1 and ply on Thursdays. Train Number 09308 will resume from operation from July 2 and run on Fridays.
  14. Train Number 09325/09326 Indore – Amritsar Special: The services of Train Number 09325 will resume June 29 onwards and will run on Tuesdays and Fridays. Train Number 09326 will resume from operation from July 1 and will run every Thursday and Sunday.
  15. Train Number 09332/09331 Indore – Kochuveli Special: Train Number 09332 will resume operation June 29 and run on Tuesdays. Train Number 09331 will resume from July 2 and it will ply on Fridays.
  16. Train Number 09337/09338 Indore – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Special: Train Number 09337 will resume from June 27 and will run on Sundays. Train Number 09338 will resume from June 28 and run on Mondays.
  17. Train Number 09029/09030 Bandra Terminus – Ahmedabad Special: Train Number 09029 will resume operation from June 29 and will ply on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Train Number 09039 will resume from June 30 and will ply every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.