New Delhi: Jet Airways’ pilots have threatened to stop flying from April 1 unless there is clarity on the resolution process and salary dues by end of March 31.  The decision was taken at the annual meeting of the National Aviator’s Guild (NAG) that went on for more than 90 minutes. The National Aviator’s Guild also expressed hope that a resolution plan would be reached by month-end.Also Read - Jet Airways Prepares Relaunch In 2022, Holds Talks With Boeing, Airbus For Buying Planes

The guild, which came into being almost a decade ago, represents around 1,000 domestic pilots. “If there is no proper clarity on the resolution process and salary payments, by March 31, we will stop flying from April 1,” the guild said in a statement. Also Read - Centre Restores Scheduled Domestic Flight Operations Without Restrictions From October 18

NAG President Karan Chopra said the grouping would be informing the management of their decision. “As far as the dues are concerned, we have been paid only 12.5 per cent of December salary and rest 87.5 per cent is yet to be paid while full salary salary of January and February have not been paid till now,” he said. Also Read - Breaking News: Chandigarh Relaxes Night Curfew Timing From 11 PM to 5 AM

“We are very hopeful that the (agreement on) resolution plan will be reached by this month itself. If that happens, we will be passing on the information to our members. There is no strike, no notice has been served. We will just be informing management that the pilots will not be flying,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the DGCA said that crisis-hit Jet Airways is currently operating 41 aircraft and there may be ‘further attrition‘ of flights ‘in coming weeks’.

“The DGCA reviewed the performance of Jet Airways on operational, airworthiness & passenger facilitation today. Current availability of aircraft in the fleet for operation is 41 and accordingly scheduled for 603 domestic flights and 382 international flights has been drawn. However, it is a dynamic situation and there may be further attrition in coming weeks,” news agency PTI had quoted a DGCA spokesperson as saying.

Furthermore he said,”The DGCA has instructed the airline to comply with “the relevant provisions of the applicable CARs (Civil Aviation Requirements) for facilitation of passengers regarding timely communication, compensation, refunds and providing alternate flights wherever applicable. The data is being monitored by the DGCA on a regular basis.”

He added,”We are ensuring that all aircraft in the fleet “whether in operation or on ground” are maintained in accordance with Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP). The operator was also directed to ensure that no pilots/cabin crew/AMEs be rostered on duty who had reported stress of any nature. Additionally, all such staff should be current with all mandatory training requirements. The DGCA is continuously monitoring overall situation and based on the same, will take appropriate steps by the end of the month, if needed.”