Another record was created at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) on Wednesday, as one kg of Maijan Orthodox Golden Tea fetched Rs 70,501.Also Read - Rare Assam Tea Sells For Record Price of Rs 75,000 Per Kg, Know What's Special About It

The Assam Company India Limited (ACIL), which produced the specialty tea, is the oldest tea company in the world. It was incorporated by the Royal Charter of the British Empire in 1839 and has unparalleled legacy and heritage.

Earlier on Tuesday, Manohari Gold Tea had made a record by fetching Rs 50,000 per kg at the auction.

“The Maijan Orthodox Golden Tea is produced during second flush. This rare and specialty handcrafted tea is from select clonal variety tea plants. Rich in aroma and briskness, Maijan Golden Tea offers a unique and exotic experience. Unique liquor character of the tea comes from the original tea plants planted over a century ago,” the ACIL said in a statement.

Raising a toast, the company called it a moment of pride not only for team ACIL but also for the entire tea fraternity.

“These specialty teas are being produced and offered at auction, to highlight and showcase to the world the inherent potential of Assam tea quality, the rich malty flavour of Assam CTC and Orthodox tea, which is unparalleled in the world,” said Sanjay Jain, ACIL Director.

“The specialty tea is the need of the hour, which will not only attract the tea consumers towards Assam but will eventually lead to higher tea demand,” Jain said.