The predictive text on WhatsApp helps you save a lot of time. It suggests you different options for a word as soon as you start typing easing that long process of writing texts. Do you know the same thing – but on a larger scale – has happened in your Gmail Account, too. Also Read - New Gmail Account With Enhanced Productivity and Security Features to Steal Business Away From Microsoft

Gmail has introduced Smart Compose feature that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to offer auto-complete suggestions which can help you writing e-mails much faster. And it is not words, artificial intelligence suggests you entire sentences as soon as you start typing. It is like someone reading your mind! Also Read - Google updates Gmail and Calendar app for iOS, gives 'Undo Send' and 'Hindu Calendar' features

So, if you are wondering why your Gmail account has not been giving you suggestions then you need to know that the facility does not get enabled on its own. To get started you first need to get the new look and enable the feature.

Here are 4 easy steps to activate Smart Compose on your Gmail

Step 1– Go to the Gear Box and click on the New Gmail Mail. Gear Box is on the right-hand side in the shape of a wheel that helps you change settings.

Step 2– Once the new Gmail gets enabled, go to ‘settings’ inside the gearbox

Step 3– Scroll down and click on the box showing Experimental Access.

Step-4-Go down the page save changes and you are ready to go.

The new settings will not get enabled instantly. It will take around 15-30 minutes to get started. Once activated it will start throwing you options. Considering, the fact that the feature has just started it might be a bit off the mark, initially. As it gathers artificial intelligence on you it would give you better and precise options.

Having said that, smart compose is just one of the features recently rolled out by Gmail. There is the range of many more features such as you can turn on the confidentiality mode while writing a mail. By using the mode message gets deleted on its own after the certain period of time. It also allows you to un-send if the mail is confidential. So, go and explore what are some of the other promising features that Gmail has rolled-out just for you.