New Delhi, Jan 24: Maruti Suzuki, India’s highest-selling car manufacturer, seems to be wanting to foray into the e-vehicle market as it will showcase its first electric concept car in the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo in February. The concept car is named e-Survivor.
The company shed lights on its plans as to manufacturing electric vehicles in India. The company said that it planned to locally manufacture its components, infrastructure and batteries.
“It symbolizes Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to helping develop the entire lifecycle of EVs (electric vehicles) in India including the local manufacture of components, charging infrastructure and recycling of batteries,” Maruti Suzuki said.
The concept car is a sports utility vehicle, which has two seats. It is positioned as a futuristic concept.
Many companies are focusing on the development of e-vehicles as EVs are considered to be the future of urban mobility. The Indian government has set a stiff target of selling only electronic vehicles by 2030. Transport minister Nitin Gadkari had once famously said that he would not ask carmakers to start focusing on electric vehicles, but he would force them. It is reported that Maruti Suzuki will bring its first electric vehicle in the market by 2020.
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