New Delhi: Bobble AI, the Conversation Media Platform making everyday smartphone conversations expressive, smart, and personalized, has come up with a trends report on what women have been talking about. Being 2020 extremely challenging for all of us, 2021 has brought hope and promise. There was a great transformation in the kind of conversations that happened from January, 2021 till date. All the sad words such as virus, unhealthy, lockdown, to name a few, were changed to happy words like shopping, party, get-together. The key highlights of the data report point towards unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit among the women of today. It states that one of the most trending topics that dominated the minds of women this year is about starting their own venture or becoming an entrepreneur.Also Read - In a First, Women-only Crew Operates Flight in Saudi Arabia; Dubbed as Milestone For Women's Empowerment

This trend report, based upon privacy-compliant data sourced from 50 million+ devices (without any-PII) across India, showcases insights on the conversations that happened amongst women during the last two months. The results were rather startling, pleasant albeit!  Below are some of the insights according to Bobble AI’s data: Also Read - 8 Healthy Habits for Women to Consider in Their 30s

1) Women keen to follow their heart and their entrepreneurial dreams: The rise of women entrepreneurship has been prominently seen over the last decade. According to a last year’s Google and Bain & Company report, 13.5 to 15.7 million women-owned enterprises make up 20 percent of all the enterprises in the country. This is a rise from 14 percent to the current 20 percent over the last decade. Also Read - Women's Day 2022: In An Orbit Shift, All Women-Team to Manage Wipro GE Health's New Facility

Bobble AI’s data report captures the unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit among the women of today. The report says that one of the most trending topics that dominated the minds of women is about starting their own venture or becoming an entrepreneur.

2) While coping with the pressures of the pandemic, most women are keeping their spirits high: In the Indian context, the economy has witnessed a sudden downfall owing to the COVID 19 pandemic that has compelled a host of Indian women to drop out of work.

As per the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the economic shock and the pandemic have shrunk the already low labor participation rate for women even further. It’s now 11% for women compared to 71% for men. And, even with so few of them in the workforce, women have suffered a much higher unemployment rate of 17% compared to 6% for men. A sudden loss of jobs also has had a direct impact on the mental health of the women in India. However, Bobble AI’s report mentions that women are keeping their spirits high against all odds.

3) With changing lifestyles, increasing urbanization, greater exposure to western culture and media, the opinions about love and marriages are changing rapidly in India. Bobble AI’s data report captures the fascinating results pertaining the idea of love and relationships among the women of today. It states that with the rise of the usage of popular dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Happn, OK Cupid, to name a few, 72% of women were talking about dating and finding love.

4) Every husband/boyfriend/man cribs about saying sorry to women always, but the truth comes out here. On average a woman has said sorry more than 18 times in the last two months. Followed by ‘Love’ being used more than 16 times & ‘Hmm’ over 15 times by a woman on average.

5) Health, fitness, and enthusiasm: Over 55% are women now talking about health, fitness, and enthusiasm.

6) Most used words: Oh, needless to say, Shopping and Makeup has topped the house as always. These two babies will always be the most loved hobbies amongst women.

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