New Delhi: The BSE and NSE will be open for one hour of trading today for the yearly Muhurat trading between 6.15 pm and 7.15 pm. The pre-opening session will begin at 6 pm.

This one-hour special session coincides with the beginning of the Hindu calendar year (Vikram Samvat 2076). This day is considered auspicious. Account books, cash chests are worshipped on this day among traders communities.

It is believed that trades conducted in this time period bring prosperity, good fortune and wealth. All trades executed in this Diwali Mahurat trading session shall result in settlement obligations, NSE said. BSE has been holding Muhurat trading since 1957 and NSE since 1992.

From the last Muhurat trading session (November 7, 2018), the Nifty rose 1,131.85 points (10.75 per cent) while Sensex added 4,306.47 points (12.31 per cent).

Analysts are positive about Samvrat 2076. Nifty may top the 14,000-mark and Sensex 46,000 level, suggested an ET report.