New Delhi: Nanomatrix Materials has recently introduced G1 AC Filters for Air Conditioners using Graphene-silver nanotechnology which purifies in room air including sterilizing 99 per cent airborne microbes along with filtration of dust particles. G1 AC Filters are also capable to reduce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or gases. This product will convert conventional air conditioner into air purifier.Also Read - Viral Video: Giraffe Helps Baby Deer By Removing Branch Stuck On His Head. Watch

G1 wonder Air Conditioner Filters are in itself a breakthrough in air filtration domain as these filters will not just protect you from dust and pollution but will actively destroy airborne viruses & bacteria while purifying the air by removing VOCs. This newly launched air filter has a layer of NM graphene membrane which uses Graphene-Silver nanotechnology to protect you from viruses by killing them along with filtration of certain harmful gases. Graphene filters also prohibit the growth of number of microorganisms including fungus, the company said in a statement. Also Read - Producer Firoz Nadiadwala Confirms Hera Pheri 3 With Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal And Suniel Shetty, Netizens Lose Their Calm - Check Tweets!

The filter removes PM 2.5 and above particles from the air with the efficiency of more than 99 per cent, also proven to remove VOCs such as formaldehyde (which secretes from the wooden furniture in most households), benzene etc. VOCs are a large group of chemicals that are found in different products used in our daily lives like cosmetics, fuel, gasoline, air fresheners, cleaning products, or used at home in building materials like paints, varnishes etc, according to Nanomatrix Materials. Also Read - TS Inter Results 2022: TS 1st, 2nd Intermediate Results Date Likely To Be Announced Today. Check Details Here

VOCs have harmful effects on health and once released in the air, they hamper the air quality thus making it unfit for breathing and may lead to breathing problems, and these air purifiers are specifically designed for VOC reduction. Particulate matter (PM) are micro particles of solids suspended in the air, they could be coarse or fine and are released from numerous sources, including dust and other small particles from construction. Acute exposure to particulate matter may lead to serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and that’s why this technology must be taken into consideration during pandemic situations when airborne diseases are giving rise to different variants and their derivatives, the company said.

This technology can be used in any existing centralized HVAC system, AHUs or FCUs for crowded place like airports, malls, schools, hospitals where there is higher risk of contamination. The installation of these G1 AC filters is very easy and splendid. You have to clean your (screen) plastic mesh provided in the AC, then place G1 AC Filters vertically onto the centre of the screen allowing gap on each side, cut if extra. Then re-install the mesh screen with G1 AC filter back on the AC. These are the only filters that can be reused after washing. Replace G1 AC filters when they get clogged and/or there is a drop in the air flow, according to the company.

Nanomatrix Materials is a Jaipur based startup that manufactures disruptive graphene nanotechnology and integrate it into smarter application.