New Delhi: Kitchen nightmare continued to scare many Asian countries after India recently imposed a ban on export of onion with keeping its skyrocketing price in mind. Onion prices in Kathmandu, Colombo have gone high in the past week after these cities could not import onion from India.

After failing to get onion from India, Asian countries, more specifically Bangladesh, have turned to Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey and China to get the supplies in an effort to bring the high price down.

As per updates from Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, India exported 2.2 million tonnes of fresh onions in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

In the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka, consumers are now paying 120 taka ($1.42) per one kg of onion – twice the price a fortnight ago and the highest since December 2013. To bring the price under control, the Bangladesh government has started sales of subsidised onions through the state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

After Bangladesh, the country to be severely affected is Sri Lanka which has already placed orders with Egypt and China. Onion prices in Sri Lanka reportedly have gone up by 50% in a week to 280-300 Sri Lankan rupees ($1.7) per kilogramme.

To bring the high prices of onion under control, the Indian government on September 29 imposed a ban on export of onions. A stock limit of 100 quintals on retail traders and 500 quintals on wholesale traders has been imposed across the country.

While imposing the ban, the Central government asked the state governments to enforce the stock limits ‘strictly’ and carry out anti-hoarding operations against unscrupulous traders by organising raids.

Recently, the Delhi government announced to sell onion in the national capital at Rs 23.90/ kg from September 18. One person can get a maximum of 5 kg onion for their family.

“The rates of onion have increased. It is being sold at Rs 60-80 per kilogram in the national capital. Our government will start selling onion from Saturday at Rs 23.90 per kilogram,” Chief Minister Kejriwal was quoted as saying by ANI.