New Delhi: Onions worth Rs 50,000 have been stolen from a godown of West Midnapore in West Bengal. To the surprise of the owner Akshay Das, the cashbox was left intact. The thieves came only to steal onions.

Onion prices have skyrocketed to Rs 100 per kg in the wholesale market while the retail price is Rs 120 per kg. This is the highest that onion prices have ever reached in the country. There is no relief in sight until new supply reaches in the market which is expected in the middle of December.

Wholesale rates in Solapur and Sangamner in Maharashtra rose to Rs 110/kg while Vashi reported Rs 100/kg on Monday. On Wednesday, though, prices had eased in the Vashi wholesale market to trade in the range of Rs 55/kg to Rs 95/kg, while the average rate was Rs 75/kg.

Mumbai is also getting about 2,000 tonnes of imported onions per week from Egypt, Iran and Holland. However, traders said consumption has shrunk considerably.

Traders expect onion prices to remain strong till mid-December, after which a gradual decline is possible. Excessive post-monsoon rains damaged onion crop and nurseries in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

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