New Delhi, August 4: Onion prices have soared three times in country’s largest onion market Lasalgaon. Country’s largest producer Maharashtra is bearing the brunt as prices in main markets have crossed Rs 26 per kilogram.  According to reports, prices in Lasalgaon market has increased from Rs 300-796 per quintal to Rs 800-2631.Also Read - Bharat Bandh on Dec 8: Delhi's Azadpur Mandi, Other Mandis to Remain Closed on Tuesday

Similar price surge is observed in Bengaluru and Delhi onion markets. In Bengaluru, the prices have gone from Rs 700-1100. In Azadpur market of the national capital, the prices have gone up from Rs 375-1175 per quintal to Rs 600-2500. With this, onion prices are slated to go up in consumer markets. The price of tomato is already sky-rocketed. Onion price surge will be a double whammy for the common man. (Also read: Wholesale onion price soars to Rs 25/kg at Lasalgaon) Also Read - Consumers, Traders Left in Tears as Onion Price Touches Rs 100/kg: Why it Happened? How Will Govt Bring it Down?

The reason for the sudden rise in prices is the fall of production. Last year, the farmers had not got a good price for their produce, which discouraged them from producing onion this year. Another reason is that the supply has been low due to monsoon rains. Lasalgaon’s onion trader, Jayesh Patil told Business Standard that due to rains, the supply has been hit. Also, in Kharif crop, farmers have not shown much enthusiasm in sowing onion. Azadpur Mandi’s Onion Traders Association’s general secretary Rajendra Sharma said that the supply from the South was delayed by 20 days. In states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh, the area has been reduced by 30-40 per cent. Also Read - Delhi's Azadpur Mandi: Why Delhi is in a Catch-22 Situation Over This Covid-19 'Ticking Bomb'