New Delhi: The Reserve Bank of India has issued a warning to mobile phone users to be wary of online fraudsters. The download links that appear in mobile phones including device control apps like AnyDesk convinces people to download them on their mobile. Such fraudulent mobile apps can reportedly allow fraudsters to carry out banking transactions remotely and steal money from the victim’s bank accounts.

The app is capable of acquiring all the details from a smartphone user while it asks for regular privacy permissions during download.

Here is all you need to know about the banking fraud with the help of remote device control apps like AnyDesk:

1. The fraudster may pose as a bank representative and give a call.

2. The fraudster will convince the person to download AnyDesk app.

3. To avoid suspicions, the fraudster will verify some details of the person such as name, mobile number and date of birth.

4. Now, the fraudster will try to use fear tactics to convince the person. For instance, the fraudster may warn the person that their card would be blocked in case the instructions are not followed.

5. Once the user downloads the AnyDesk app, the app would ask for privacy permissions just like any other app.

6. Later, the app gains control of the device without the knowledge of the user.

7. The fraudster will now ask for a 9-digit verification code generated on the victim’s smartphone.

Apps like AnyDesk help fraudsters connect with a remote device without the knowledge of the user. Therefore, the RBI has issued a warning that fraudsters could steal money through UPI and mobile wallets. Smartphone users are advised to not share any app generated code to anyone over the phone.