New Delhi: After September 5, with a gap of one day, the petrol prices increased in Delhi and Mumbai for the second consecutive day. The petrol prices in the national capital rose to Rs 79.99 per litre (up by Rs 0.48 per litre). The petrol price in Mumbai also increased by Rs 0.48 per litre to Rs 87.39 per litre.

The diesel prices in the National Capital increased by Rs 0.52 per litre and stood at Rs 72.07 per litre, while in Mumbai the diesel price was up by Rs 0.55 per litre (Rs 76.51).

A citizen from Mumbai told ANI, “The middle-class and poor are suffering every day due to hike in fuel prices. Due to a surge in fuel prices, there is also a hike in the prices of other things. The government should take necessary steps to curb this issue.”

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram cast the blame on the NDA government for levying “excessive taxes” that are responsible for the rise in petrol and diesel prices.  The Congress on Thursday called the exorbitant increase in diesel and petrol prices as Rs 11 lakh crore ‘fuel loot,’ and demanded for a ‘Bharat bandh’ on September 10.

NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar, however, had earlier asked the government to not respond to the changes in the oil prices on a daily or weekly basis. The recommendation was made as the oil prices declined in July after a showing an upward trend during the previous month. “Weekly, daily or periodic changes in global oil and commodity prices are to be observed but don’t necessarily have to be responded. The prices rose in June but then declined in July. Is not it? The same situation may happen again, therefore policy cannot be a knee-jerk reaction to periodic events in the markets,” said Kumar.

(With Agency Inputs)