New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tried to calm down a Twitter user, who mentioned ‘people are bound to consume poison’, following the curbs imposed by the RBI on the crisis-hit Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC Bank).

To ease out consumers, Sitharaman, on the micro-blogging site Twitter, shared a link and a toll free helpline number for depositors for grievance redressal and enquiries. “Depositors can access the website for any grievance redressal and call on toll free number 1800223993 for enquiries”, the Finance Minister had tweeted.

Responding to her tweet, a Twitter user named Rakesh Bhat, said that people expect a quick resolution.  He further asserted that “There are ample ways to handle the crisis but people are bound to consume poison and die”.”Dear Madam, nothing new in this. We expect a quick resolution. There are ample ways to handle the crisis and this is least expected from GOI and RBI.Please accept this as the challenge and help otherwise people are bound to consume poison and die. Rakesh Bhat,7028862699″, the twitter user, a social media activist tweeted.

Sitharaman was quick to respond to Bhat. She asked him to not post “extreme” messages and clarified that multi-state cooperative institutions do not come under the Ministry of Finance even though they are called banks.”I appeal to you not to mention/speak/write of such extreme things. Multi state cooperative institutions do not come under Ministry of Finance, even if they are called banks. RBI is their regulator and they are taking action”, the Finance Minister clarified.

The RBI, on Septemebr 23, had imposed regulatory restrictions on the PMC Bank for six months over alleged financial irregularities. The withdrawal limit for account holders was initially kept at Rs 1,000 per each customer for six months, which was later raised to Rs 10,000.