Mumbai: SEBI on Thursday allowed the listing of mutual fund schemes which are in the process of winding up. In a circular, the securities market regulator noted that as per mutual fund regulations, there are several steps with respect to winding up of mutual fund schemes before the scheme ceases to exist. During this process, such units can be listed and traded on a recognised stock exchange, which may provide an exit to investors, it said. Also Read - SEBI Relaxes 25% Minimum Public Shareholding Norms Till August

“The units of Mutual Fund schemes can be listed in the recognised stock exchange. Accordingly, the units of Mutual Fund schemes which are in the process of winding up in terms of Regulation 39(2)(a) of MF Regulations, shall be listed on recognised stock exchange, subject to compliance with listing formalities as stipulated by the stock exchange,” it said. Also Read - SEBI Eases Buy-back Norm, Reduces Turnaround Time to Raise Funds

However, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) said that pursuant to listing, trading on stock exchange mechanism will not be mandatory for investors, and rather, if they so desire, they may avail an optional channel to exit provided to them. Also Read - SEBI Announces Temporary Relaxations For Rights Issue Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Initially, trading in units of such a listed scheme that is under the process of winding up, shall be in dematerialised form.

Asset management companies shall enable transfer of such units which are held in form of Statement of Account (SoA) or unit certificates.

The stock exchange shall develop a mechanism along with registrar and transfer agent (RTA) for trading and settlement of such units held in the form of SoA or unit certificate.

The AMC, its sponsor, employees of AMC and trustees shall not be permitted to transact — buy or sell — in the units of such schemes that are under the process of being wound up. The compliance of the same shall be monitored both by the Board of AMC and Trustees.

The circular shall come into force with immediate effect and stock exchanges desirous of offering this facility, will have to submit the detailed operational modalities to SEBI, within next seven days.

The move will allow Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund as it is in the process of winding up six credit funds due to liquidity issues amid the coronavirus crisis.