The past few years have seen an increase in the number of start-ups. There are some businesses that click while others go bust in no time.  What is the secret ingredient which distinguishes a successful business from a failure?  Hard work some would say.  Dedication might say others.  But Reza Shojaei, head of Value marketing spills out the secrets to running a million-dollar company.  A name to reckon with in the iGaming industry, Shojaei owns two top brands and  With its presence in 120 countries, his company doles out advice, tips, and reviews to gamers who play at online casinos.  Though there are many new entrants in the market, this is a trusted brand among online gamers.Also Read - Why Did Indian Rupee Fall To All-Time Low Against Dollar On Monday? | Explained

Here Shojaei shares with us the secrets that have transformed his company from an experimental venture into a multi-million-dollar company in just two years. Also Read - Indian Rupee Falls To Lifetime Low Of 76.98 Per Dollar Amidst Russia Ukraine War

1) Unique idea Also Read - Rupee Rises For Third Day, Up 27 Paise to 74.19 Per USD

First of all, one needs to have a unique idea that will drive customers to your doorstep or portal.  Shojaei started where he reviews and offers guidance on the best casino gaming sites.  He launched this idea when there were many dubious iGaming sites that would dupe people.  His business became a source to check the authenticity of such sites and quickly grew in leaps and bounds.

2) Passion

It is said that if you love what you do, then you do not have to work another day of your life.  This is the mantra Shojaei lives by.  He is passionate about what he does, which motivates him to go to the office every day. “This positivity should reflect in your work which in turn would inspire your colleagues. Then give your best and watch your business grow,” says Shojaei.

3) Create your own opportunities

When the market does not give you the growth you want, go ahead and create a niche for yourself.  This is what Reza did exactly in 2017 when the online iGaming market was over $44.16 billion.  He created a business that offers tips to online gamers and recommends authentic iGaming sites. Today he runs a multimillion-dollar company while the size of the market has grown to $66.7 billion.

4) Courage and conviction

For over 15 years Shojaei had played poker online.  When he decided to pursue the business of offering advice on iGaming sites, people expected him to fail.  “But I was absolutely sure that this is what I wanted to do to make a living as I had played online casino games for more than a decade.  This conviction gave me the bravery and confidence to follow my passion,” he stresses.

5) Invest in your people

Though many companies prefer cost-cutting to have minimum staff that does maximum work, Shojaei has roles cut-out for his employees. “We have a very dedicated team to do specific jobs which they do efficiently,” he adds. “We hire the best of talent and recognize and retain them with timely hikes,” he says.  While most top executives of a firm hardly know their employees, Shojaei knows each of them and interacts with them on a daily basis.  Different time zones do not deter him from interacting with his employees.

6) Adaptability 

When a business venture does not turn out well, you can change gear and start something else.  This is what Shojaei did when his face-to-face direct sales company failed to take off.  Rather than scratch his head to find reasons for the failure, he decided to launch another venture. He went ahead with iGaming and today his two brands and are recognized globally.

7) Dedication

One needs dedication not only to be successful but to be at the top of the game all the time.  Shojaei and his team are dedicated to the cause of serving their customers in the best possible manner.  Apart from his team, Shojaei also plays on various iGaming sites before recommending them to his customers.

8) Welcome feedback

In today’s world of technology boom, customer feedback can make or break a company.  Shojaei values his customers and works on feedback and suggestions given by them.  “We ensure that the problems of each of our customers are solved on a priority basis. We also act on their feedback and suggestions. This improves their trust and we are already the most trusted site in the domain,” he concludes.

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