This monday morning when Sundar Pichai woke, it was no good morning for him probably. The Google CEO woke up to find that his Quora account has been hacked by OurMine hackers group. The same hacker group which earlier this month broke in to Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest account. Also Read - In a First, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple CEOs to Testify Before US Congress Today

Quora is a consumer generated information website where users raise questions and answers among themselves. Pichai’ quora account is also linked to his facebook account and that is why they were able to broadcast hack message to over 5 lakh followers. Also Read - Google Extends Work From Home For Employees Till July 2021 | Read Details

The hackers group told to The Next Web that they had informed Quora about the vulnerability in their security but the Quora didn’t seem to take any action about it. Because of this vulnerability of the platforms, OurMine were able to get into Sundar Pichai’s account. (ALSO READ: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest accounts hacked! Hackers make password public) Also Read - 'Proud to Support': Google Announces Rs 75,000-Crore Fund to Boost India's Digital Economy

However, OurMine didn’t intrude into any vulnerable information as they claim it to be. They say their intentions are not to rob off data but to prove themselves as the elite, “security firm”. The hackers group also claim not to hack social media platforms but the hackers group uses “various exploits to pull passwords from celebrities’ browsers,”as reported by The Next Web.


image source: indiatimes

OurMine has also aimed at Soptify’s Daniel Ek. The group after hacking Pichai’s Quora account posted messages “Hey, it’s OurMine, we are just testing your security, please visit Ourmine to upgrade it.” all over.