New Delhi: At a time when the death toll due to the deadly coronavirus has reached 2,663 in China, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday said that the raw material supplies to industries likely to be affected due to coronavirus crisis. She said the industries will be affected if the situation doesn’t improve in two months. Also Read - All Pending MSME Loans to be Restructured by March 15: Sitharaman

“On coronavirus, I have had a meeting with about 23 industries, they did not express any anxieties about raw material supplies or exports being disturbed,” Sitharaman said. Also Read - ‘Exploring Various Options, Monitoring Coronavirus Impact on Indian Economy,’ Says Sitharaman

However, she added that some of the industry leaders felt that if after two months, the situation does not improve, then they may have some problems of raw material availability. “We are trying to see how we can help them out,” she added.

The Finance Minister also stated said that the investor sentiment has not been dampened by anti-CAA protests and the ongoing Delhi violence. She said that the investors she met in her recent visit to Saudi Arabia expressed willingness to invest more in the country.

On Wednesday, Sitharaman held a review meeting with the industry leaders and said the Central government is keeping a close watch on the impact of coronavirus outbreak on the Indian economy.

She also stated that various options are being explored at various levels to assess its impact on the economy. “We are very closely monitoring it. Secretary-level officials are engaging with their respective industries. I had informed you about various options we have including airlifting raw material for some specific sectors, resourcing from other countries,” she said.

Due to the deadly coronavirus, over 2,663 people have died while the number of those affected by this is around 80,000.